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Tom Bowley is the Chief Market Strategist of, a company providing a research and educational platform for both investment professionals and individual investors. Tom writes a comprehensive Daily Market Report (DMR), providing guidance to members every day that the stock market is open. Tom has contributed technical expertise here at since 2006 and has a fundamental background in public accounting as well, blending a unique skill set to approach the U.S. stock market. has a long history of outperforming the benchmark S&P 500 with its 4 equal-weighted portfolios - Model, Aggressive, Income, and Strong AD (accumulation/distribution). Portfolio performance is updated daily and can be seen

EarningsBeats recently added a Model ETF portfolio, which also is designed to provide benchmark-beating returns. The research platform includes multiple ChartLists to organize technically- and fundamentally-strong companies for its members. We also provide our members with predefined scans to use against those ChartLists to identify excellent trading candidates. In addition to all of this, Tom is a fervent student of stock market history and shares a monthly seasonality analysis for members as well.

Tom is a former co-host of "Market Open LIVE", a syndicated, national radio broadcast in 22 cities around the U.S. He was also host of StockCharts TV's original flagship show, "MarketWatchers LIVE". Tom has taught thousands of traders around the globe to trade more effectively and intuitively. On a personal note, and when he's not analyzing the stock market, Tom is an avid golfer and sports a 7 handicap.

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