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Today I am very happy to announce the start of another great new blog on StockCharts.com - "Wyckoff Power Charting with Bruce Fraser."   

For those of you that do not know Bruce, he has been teaching graduate level courses on Technical Analysis (and Wyckoff Analysis in particular) at Golden Gate University since 1987.  Bruce worked together with Dr. Hank Pruden at GGU to craft the original curriculum there and has been teaching as an Adjunct Professor at GGU ever since.  Bruce was a featured presenter at our most recent ChartCon Conference in Seattle in August of 2014 and his presentation was very positively received.  Bruce’s broad breadth of experience has also allowed him to periodically teach many of the other required courses in GGU’s Technical Analysis degree program including Technical Analysis of Securities, Business Cycle Analysis and Strategy & Implementation.

(Are you getting the impression that Bruce is really experienced at explaining Technical Analysis to people?  Good!  That is the correct impression to have.)

Soon after meeting Bruce in 2012, we began talking about how to increase the visibility of both Wyckoff Analysis and Point & Figure charting within the StockCharts.com community.  When Bruce volunteered to start contributing to the website, I jumped at the offer and today, we begin to see the fruits of those conversations.

If the name "Wyckoff" is unfamiliar to you, I urge you to read our ChartSchool article on Wyckoff Analysis.  Over the course of the next several months (hopefully "years") Bruce will be diving down into the topic in much more detail, but the ChartSchool article is a good place to get started.  (And if you have 115 minutes to kill, you can get a head start on the rest of the class by watching Bruce's YouTube video.)

By the way, if you have been reading any of Gatis Roze's "Traders Journal" blog, then you are already somewhat familiar with Wyckoff even if you don't realize it.  Several of Gatis' techniques are based on "Wyckoffian" ("Wyckovian?") principles.

Finally, don't miss Saturday's "ChartWatchers LIVE" webinar at 1pm Eastern.  Bruce will be my special guest and he will be talking about his plans for this blog then.  Click here to register for the webinar.

Welcome aboard Bruce!
- Chip

Chip Anderson
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