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Power Charting TV: Year End Review and 2020 Outlook


As this epic year comes to a conclusion it is appropriate to look back as well as look ahead to 2020. Below are links to the most recent Power Charting episodes where we review 2019 and then consider the forces that could influence the major indexes in the year ahead. 

A Point and Figure Accumulation count that was first published on January 10, 2019 is reviewed. This count ($INDU 28,313.60 / 29,254.40) seemed to be ‘Pie in the Sky' but as 2019 comes to a close this target is within striking distance. And, as of this writing, the PnF objective has been achieved! Wyckoffians would say the ‘Fuel in the Tank' has been used up. What does the Wyckoff Chart Method and PnF Analysis project for 2020? Could the character of the market change in the early part of the new year? Watch these recent videos to learn more (links are below).

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Join me this Friday, December 20th, for a free Wyckoff Method Tutorial Webinar hosted by Tom Bowley. For those of you new to the Wyckoff Method this session will introduce you to the dynamics of Wyckoff price structure analysis. And we will clarify some of the mysteries of the Horizontal Point & Figure technique. 

Tom and John Hopkins of EarningsBeats.com are hosting the blockbuster event ‘Market Vision 2020' on Saturday, January 4th. I am honored to be one of the nine speakers at this day long event. For my part I plan to reveal my entire Wyckoffian outlook for 2020. Click on the link below to attend my entirely FREE Wyckoff Method Tutorial Webinar this Friday and check out the amazing lineup of Great Market Minds that Tom & John have assembled for Market Vision 2020.

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Power Charting TV:

Power Charting: Year End Review

Power Charting: 2020 Outlook

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Announcement: This coming Friday at 3pm ET on Power Charting TV my guest will be Roman Bogomazov of wyckoffanalytics.com. I will be asking him about his outlook for 2020 and investment themes he is focused on.

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