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Joe Turner and Jim Kopas of Pring Turner Capital Group join me for a discussion of the current state of the business cycle. Their firm (along with Martin Pring and Tom Kopas) does some of the best research on the planet on the domestic and global business cycle. Year end was a perfect time to check in and get their thinking on the events of 2019 and the current state of business conditions.

TSAA-SF Free Webinar Event: ‘Market Outlook 2020 with Joe Turner and Martin Pring'. An annual tradition at TSAA-SF is for Joe and Martin to present their business cycle outlook for the year ahead. This event kicks off the year at TSAA-SF and everyone is invited to attend. Joe and Martin will continue the discussion started in the video below. To attend this live event on January 9th at 6pm PT click here to register.

Is the Business Cycle Dead?

Roman Bogomazov and I conduct a weekly webinar series the ‘Wyckoff Market Discussion' throughout the year. Each week we evaluate stock indexes, commodities, industry groups and stocks employing the Wyckoff Method. In this Power Charting Episode below we look back at some of the interesting moments in markets as they were evaluated and discussed during 2019.

Power Charting: Wyckoff Market Discussion Review 2019

The first Wyckoff Market Discussion webinar of the year will take place on January 8th at 3pm PT and you are invited to attend. We will be discussing the current position and probable future direction of critical markets as 2020 kicks off. To attend this free session, and find out what WMD is all about (click here to register).

Also, Roman's hugely popular course series the ‘Wyckoff Trading Course' (parts 1 & 2) kicks off a new cycle starting on January 6th. The first class is free. Registration links are below:

Free Upcoming Wyckoff Webinars:

Registration for 'Wyckoff Market Discussion' with Roman and Bruce on January 8th at 3 pm PT (click here).

Registration for Wyckoff Trading Course, Part 1 with Roman (click here)

Registration for Wyckoff Trading Course Part 2 with Roman (click here)

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