Customize Your Dashboard

All of the tools and features that we've been covering in the previous articles are easily accessible from what we call "Your Dashboard". It's the first page you see when you log in, and we consider it to be the heart and soul of your StockCharts account. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features of Your Dashboard and the various customizations that you can make to this very important page.

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Customize Your Dashboard

About Your Dashboard

There's some pretty handy stuff in Your Dashboard, straight out of the box: the Member Tools panel at the top gives quick access to site features; the Market Overview panel shows you overall market performance at a glance; and of course, all your ChartLists are available at the bottom of the dashboard.

The key is that there are a some customizations you can make that really personalize Your Dashboard for the way you work.

For complete instructions on customizing and using Your Dashboard, Click Here.

Default ChartList View

One of the easiest customizations to make is changing how your ChartLists are displayed when you click on them in Your Dashboard.

Love to see your ChartLists in CandleGlance view? No problem. Simply click the gears icon at the top of the Your ChartLists panel, and choose CandleGlance view. Click the green Save Preferences button, and you're all set. Now, when you click on the name of one of your ChartLists, it will automatically be launched in CandleGlance view.

Of course, you can always launch a ChartList in a different view by using the View List dropdown next to the ChartList name.

ChartList Panels

Your ChartLists are always listed at the bottom of the dashboard for you to quickly access, but are there one or two ChartLists that you constantly reference? Maybe a watchlist, or a listing of your portfolio stocks? It would be neat to be able to see the contents of those ChartLists right in Your Dashboard, right? This is easy to do - simply click the gears icon at the top of the dashboard and check the box for ChartList Panels, then click the green Update button.

Two additional panels will be added to Your Dashboard, showing your first two ChartLists in Summary View. To change the ChartList displayed in a panel, click the gears icon at the top of the panel and choose a different ChartList, then click the green Save Preferences button.

Data Panels

When you first visit Your Dashboard, you'll see a Market Movers panel next to the Market Overview. By default, this panel shows you the Top 10 most active stocks in the Dow, but you can change from the Dow to a number of other groups using the second dropdown menu, and change from the most active stocks to those with the biggest percentage of gain or loss using the buttons to the right.

If these Market Movers lists are not your thing, use the first dropdown menu to change the panel so it displays SCTR rankings, the Ticker Cloud, DecisionPoint signals, or predefined alerts.

If you want to display more than one of those items, you're in luck. It's easy to add three additional data panels to Your Dashboard, so you can display the Top 10 for the Dow and the NASDAQ, plus the Ticker Cloud, plus Predefined Alerts, all at the same time. To add more data panels, click the blue gears button at the top of the dashboard to open the Dashboard Preferences, and check the box for Additional Data Panels. Click the green Update button, and the panels will appear immediately, ready to be configured with your favorite tools.

Scans and Alerts

For Extra and Pro users, the Your Scans and Your Alerts panels are displayed by default. These two panels give you quick access to view, edit, and run your scans and alerts. If for some reason you aren't interested in those features (but why wouldn't you be?), simply click the gears icon at the top of the dashboard, and uncheck the box for "Your Scans/Alerts".

See The Dashboard In Action

Join Grayson Roze, VP of Operations at StockCharts, as he takes you on a deep dive into the "heart and soul" of StockCharts – Your Dashboard. He shows you how to customize the data panels on the Dashboard and tailor this unique page to match your specific approach to the markets. You'll also see how to add additional features to Your Dashboard like ChartList summaries, scans and alerts, an articles feed and the StockCharts TV live video player.

It's simple to customize Your Dashboard, making it into the ideal starting point for accessing all the great features offered with your StockCharts membership.

Next up, we'll take a look at the exclusive market commentary provided on StockCharts from a long list of industry experts and charting legends.

Happy Charting!

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