Dig Into The Current Market With Our Summary Pages

Our collection of Summary Pages allow you to quickly spot the leaders in any group, from the entire market down through the sectors to the industry group level and the individual stocks within.

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Dig Into The Current Market With Our Summary Pages

Symbol Summary

The Symbol Summary is an extensive research tool featuring full quote information for stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, indexes, and cryptocurrencies. From a single page, you can view technical stats, fundamentals, earnings, dividends, corporate info and much more.

Pull up a ticker on the Symbol Summary and you'll be able to see the latest price info, view a chart in multiple timeframes, browse high-level summary stats, fundamentals and popular technicals, get earnings dates and dividend info, visualize the symbol's latest SCTR info, read full company or fund descriptions, and much more. Alongside SharpCharts, the Symbol Summary is your go-to resource for analyzing any stock, fund, ETF or other security covered on StockCharts.

To explore our Symbol Summary page now, Click Here.

For complete instructions on using our Symbol Summary, Click Here.

Market Summary

The Market Summary is a high-level market overview, summarizing major areas of the market, including major indexes, sectors and industries, international markets, bonds, commodities, currencies, and market breadth measures.

The information can be shown in Table View, which provides a compact look at the data; or in Chart View, which displays half-size charts along with the tabular market data. Click Here to learn how to customize those half-size charts using a special ChartStyle.

To see the latest Market Summary page now, Click Here.

For complete instructions on using our Market Summary, Click Here.

Sector Summary

The Sector Summary allows you to drill down from the best-performing sector to the best-performing industry to the best-performing stock, all in a couple of clicks.

You can summarize performance based on timeframes ranging from one day to one year, based on your trading style. Not sure what timeframe to choose? John Murphy, legendary charting expert and StockCharts' Chief Technical Analyst, recommends starting with 3 months, and then adjusting up or down as needed.

Once you've chosen your timeframe, simply click on the best-performing sector on the list, to see a list of industries in that sector. Click on the best-performing industry to see a list of stocks in that industry. In no time, you'll have a list of leading stocks to choose from.

To explore the Sector Summary page now, Click Here.

You can also see the Sector Summary page in action in the following edition of "StockCharts In Focus", hosted by our own Grayson Roze. You'll see how to use the Sector Summary tool to find market-leading stocks by drilling down through the S&P sectors into the industry groups and individual stocks within. Grayson will show you how to sort by performance metrics like the SCTR (StockCharts Technical Rank) to quickly and easily pinpoint the market’s true leaders.

For complete instructions on using our Sector Summary, Click Here.

Industry Summary

A companion to the Sector Summary, the Industry Summary shows you all industries, across all sectors, on a single page, summarizing performance across the timeframe of your choice.

Like the Market Summary, the Industry Summary offers two views of the data: the more compact Table View, as well as Chart View, which combines tabular data with half-size charts. Click Here to learn how to customize those half-size charts using a special ChartStyle.

To visit the Industry Summary page now, Click Here.

For complete instructions on using our Industry Summary, Click Here.

Crypto Summary

In addition to our market, sector, industry and symbol summary pages, we have a dedicated cryptocurrencies summary page for the digital assets we cover on StockCharts. With 24/7 real-time price data for the market's most important cryptocurrencies, you can use our Crypto Summary page to track and analyze the crypto market. The summary table on this page also includes quick links to view charts for each listed coin.

To visit the Crypto Summary page now, Click Here.

SCTR Reports

StockCharts Technical Rank (abbreviated SCTR and pronounced "scooter") is StockCharts' own relative strength metric that rates a security's technical strength against that of its peers. You'll learn more about SCTRs later on in this series, but we couldn't want to introduce you to our final summary tool, the SCTR Report.

These reports summarize SCTR values for a variety of groups (large-, mid-, and small-caps, ETFs, Toronto stocks and more), allowing you to quickly find the best-performing security in that market segment. Choose your SCTR "universe" from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. The securities will be sorted with the highest (best) SCTR values at the top of the table.

To browse the complete SCTR Reports now, Click Here.

For additional information about the StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTRs), Click Here.

Our Summary Pages allow you to get a quick sense of how the market is performing at a high level, then drill down to find the best-performing market segments and even individual securities.

In our next article, we'll take a deeper dive into the rest of the charting tools and analysis resources available on StockCharts. As a member, you've now unlocked expanded access to our features, so we'll show you how to take advantage of everything that our tools have to offer.

Happy Charting!

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