MURPHYMORRIS.COM TRANSITION COMPLETE - We have moved all of the content from that website into the "John Murphy" section of now. Subscribers to the Murphy Market Message should now click on the "John Murphy" tab at the top of our pages to see John's latest market commentary. John's charts look better (see above for two examples) and we've added a calendar of John's upcoming appearances as well. Look for us to add more features and specials to the Murphy area in the coming months.

LOOK FOR CHART OVERLAYS LATER THIS WEEK - We're putting the finishing touches on a major new feature of our new SharpCharts2 charting engine right now - Chart Overlays. This feature allows you to place two charts "on top of each other". For example, you could place a plot of a stock's MACD indicator behind the actual candlesticks of the stock itself so you could directly compare the MACD's signals with the stock's turning points. Or, by using our new "Price" indicator, you can plot one stock's price onto of another stock's chart! Here's an example of that using the Nasdaq and the VIX:

The key to using this new feature will be a new choice in the "Position" dropdown box for each indicator. Right now, you can choose to place an indicator "Above" or "Below" the chart. Soon, you will also be able to place an indicator "Behind" the chart as well!

We expect to have this new capability available later this week when we update the SharpCharts2 Beta page with the "Beta 4" version. Watch the "What's New" section of the web site for the official announcement.

PREPARING FOR A NEW DATAFEED - I wanted to tell you about a behind-the-scenes change that we are about to make that - hopefully - will be invisible to everyone. Our data vendor, Thomson Financial, is replacing our current data feed with their new "top-of-the-line" data feed called "ThomsonOne". ThomsonOne is faster, more reliable, and more comprehensive than the data feed we are currently using and so ultimately, this change will result in much better charts for everyone. Thomson and StockCharts have been working for over a year getting ready for this change and trying to make sure that it occurs smoothly, however experience tells us that no matter how much we prepare, minor glitches may still happen during the transition period. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this change may cause and promise that we will be working very hard to find and fix any and all issues that arise as quickly as possible. We expect the transition to occur gradually between now and the end of June. I'll keep you updated on our progress in future newsletters.

Chip Anderson
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