OUR NEW DATA FEED IS IN! - Well, there were some bumps in the road, but we've managed to get our new ThomsonONE data feed installed and working last week. To those of you that were patient with us while we fixed the problems, we say "Thanks!" Your understanding and clear problem reports were very helpful.

Because of the problems that occurred, we have added one free week of service to every member that logged in to their charting account last week. Everyone who qualifies for this offer should have already had this additional time added to their account.

Finally, let me reiterate something that many people missed about this data feed change. We were forced to make this change due to circumstances beyond our control. Our old data feed company was bought-out by Thomson Financial several years ago. This year, Thomson decided to discontinue their support for that old feed and migrate us to their own "premier" feed called ThomsonONE. The people at Thomson have worked very hard to help us with this transition. Most of the problems that occurred happened due to things that no one could have foreseen. We truly expect that this new data feed will prove to be far superior to the old one as time goes on.

Again, a company like ours almost never changes data feeds. It has taken a huge amount of time and effort on our part to pull it off and it has delayed the roll out of the various site improvements that we want to make. Fortunately, the odds that we'll have to do this again are almost nil. We apologize for the recent problems but rest assured that with this transition behind us, will only improve in the future.

SPECIAL NOTE TO AOL USERS - A recent policy change at AOL means that if you accidentally mark our "ChartWatchers" notification email messages as "Spam" in your AOL Mailbox, you will automatically be unsubscribed from all of our mailing lists. If you want to continue receiving notification messages from, make sure to "Delete" those messages rather than marking them as "Spam."

NEW BOOKSTORE BOOKS - We've been busy adding more technical analysis books to our online bookstore. Be sure to check out our New Additions page at least once a week to get the latest scoop on what's new at StockCharts Books!

Chip Anderson
About the author: is the founder and president of He founded the company after working as a Windows developer and corporate consultant at Microsoft from 1987 to 1997. Since 1999, Chip has guided the growth and development of into a trusted financial enterprise and highly-valued resource in the industry. In this blog, Chip shares his tips and tricks on how to maximize the tools and resources available at, and provides updates about new features or additions to the site. Learn More
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