SHARPCHARTS2 PROGRESS REPORT - SharpCharts2 took another huge step forward last week when all of our "Basic" subscribers were automatically converted to the new system. At this point, the only group left to be fully converted to the new charts is our Extra (and "ExtraRT") members. We expect to perform that conversion around the beginning of May.

SHARPCHARTS2 DOCUMENTATION DUE NEXT WEEK - We've been hard at work on the revamped version of our SharpCharts documentation and hope to release the updated information next week. Until then, be sure to periodically review the information on the current "Instructions" page. (Click the link just below the chart.)

Despite our best efforts, some of our Basic members were still unaware that the changeover from SharpCharts1 to SharpCharts2 was coming. We apologize for any problem the changeover has caused. Unfortunately, we are unable to support both SharpCharts1 and SharpCharts2 at the same time and soon SharpCharts1 will no longer be available on our site. We have worked extremely hard to make sure that SharpCharts2 provides all of the functionality that SharpCharts1 has and much more. Because of the additional capabilities of SharpCharts2, some things are done differently;however if you take the time to learn the new system, you will soon discover how the new charts can dramatically help you make even better investing decisions. As always, if you have questions, please let our helpful support staff know so they can assist you.

Chip Anderson
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