Holiday Special Starts and Announcing our New Loyalty Rewards Program

Chip Anderson

Chip Anderson


Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

I have two big announcements for you this time around:


With the holiday season just around the corner, we've fired up our Holiday Special.  It's a great way for you to join up or extend your account at the lowest possible cost.  Here's how it works:

- Sign up for 6 months of any of our services and receive ONE ADDITIONAL MONTH FOR FREE.


- Sign up for 12 months of any service and receive TWO additional months for free.

To get started, just visit our Service page, determine which service level you'd like, and click the "Sign Up Now!" button.

Are you already a member?  No worries - just extend your current membership by 6 or 12 months to get this same special deal.  It doesn't matter if your account expires next month or next year, you can still renew now to get this special pricing.

(BTW, if you recently renewed and are worried that you missed out on this special, check your renewal carefully - you probably got the additional free month without realizing it.  We're sneaky that way.)


If you've been a member of for more than a year, you now qualify for our long-term loyalty discount!  Here's how it works:

If you've been a continuous member for more than a year, you should now see a yellow "badge" or ribbon after your name on our "Members" page after you log in.  (Market Message-only subscribers will see it on the right side of the Market Message page.)  Your badge should look similar to this:


If you click on that badge, you should see a popup window appear that contains a Coupon Code.  That code, which is unique to your account and cannot be shared, can be used to reduce the cost of any renewal or upgrade order.   The amount of the reduction depends on how long you have been a member.

To use the coupon, you simply write it down and enter it into the "Coupon" field at the end of our sign-up process.

Coupon codes can only be used once, however, going forward, for each year that you are a member, you will receive an additional coupon with a larger discount.

And YES, you can combine your coupon code with our Holiday Special  to lower the  cost of your subscription even more!  (However, you can also save your coupon code for later if you want - it doesn't expire.)

(By the way, if your account has recently expired, watch your email box this week for a message with a special re-subscription coupon code.)

This is just our way of saying Happy Holidays and THANK YOU to all of our loyal, long-time subscribers!

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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