Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

We are now halfway through our current plan for adding more value to every subscriber's membership.  Two weeks ago, we doubled the amount of chart storage that Extra members get and we drastically increased the "freshness" of our Scan Engine results.  This week, we've increased the number of charts Basic members can store from 100 to 500 and we've given then access to many of the same features that Extra members have - i.e., multiple list views, storage for annotated charts, etc.

(At this point there are only 3 differences between Extra and Basic - Extra members get multiple ChartLists, Extra members get full scan results, and ExtraRT members get official real-time data instead of BATS data.)

All of these upgrades have been provided to our members automatically and for no additional fee and so far the reviews have been very positive:

"You have NO idea how happy you have made me. Because I work with industry sectors, the 100 chartlist limit is something that I've continually bumped into." - Leisa Deffenbaugh

"Thanks for the improvements. They are much appreciated and show your continued determination to remain #1. It would have been easy to sit back and just "let it roll" but you didn't do that. I've been with you for nearly 9 years and will continue, no question. The inclusion of Art Hill and John Murphy is an outstanding feature and also much appreciated. Keep it going! I love it!" - R. Rimrodt

So... that's it right?  All the improvements are complete.  Move along.  Time to get back to charting...

Actually, not quite.

We still have a couple more big changes up our sleeves that I wanted to let you know about.  All of these changes will make your StockCharts subscription even more valuable.  Here they are:

1.) Dynamic Chart Sizing!

I've mentioned this briefly before, but next week we plan on rolling out a new option in the "Size" dropdown for our SharpCharts.  The new option is called "Dynamic" and, if you select it, the chart will automatically resize itself to fit your browser window's size.  This is perfect for people that use multiple windows to view multiple charts.

2.) The Great Market Message Merger!

Here's another huge increase in value for all subscribers.  Starting in December, we're going to automatically bundle in the StockCharts Market Message with all of our charting packages for free(!)  Soon anyone who subscribes to either our Basic, our Extra, or our ExtraRT charting service will automatically get access to the StockCharts Market Message written by John Murphy and Arthur Hill.

(If you already subscribe to the Market Message, we'll automatically extend your subscription to account for the change in pricing.  If you only subscribe to the Market Message, we'll give you access to our charting service for free.)

3.) I See London, I See France!

We've just gotten permission to provide charts of stocks from the two major European stock exchanges - the London Stock Exchange and the Euronext Exchange.  Initially we will be providing these charts to everyone on a delayed basis for free.  In a couple of months, we will start providing real-time versions to people who pay the exchange fees.

4.) Seattle ChartCon 2011 - Learn EVERYTHING About From the Experts

We're throwing a party and everyone's invited.  Next August, for 3 days, we're going to hold a conference in downtown Seattle that is focused exclusively on helping you get the most out of our website.  Myself, John Murphy and Arthur Hill will give you in depth training on every aspect of every tool that has.  We're still preparing the "official" agenda but rest assured that this conference will be well worth the time for anyone who's into charting.  Mark your calendar (August 11-13) and stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Wow. That's a lot of stuff.  Which one are you most looking forward too?

- Chip



Chip Anderson
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