Chip Anderson

Chip Anderson


Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Last week, we hosted over 300 enthusiastic members here in Seattle for ChartCon 2011.  John, Arthur and myself cannot say enough about the great people we met.  Thanks again to everyone that participated.  Here's a link to more reviews and photos of the event.

One of the key goals of ChartCon was to build a sense of community amoung the participants. That began happening almost immediately during the first day and continued throughout the conference.  As part of that process, we announced a new resource for all StockCharts users that will allow them to ask each other for assistance - the StockCharts Answer Network (s.c.a.n.) at

If you have a question that you'd like to ask other StockCharts users, s.c.a.n. is the way to do it.  It rewards people that ask relevant questions.  It rewards people that provide great answers.  And it does so in a way that ensures it will be a great resource for all StockCharts users for years to come.

To ask a question on s.c.a.n., just click the "Ask a Question" button.  You'll need to create an account on the s.c.a.n. server (those accounts are separate from StockCharts' accounts) as part of the process but don't worry, s.c.a.n. is completely free to use and has the same rock-solid privacy policy that does.

It is in your best interest to take a little bit of time and make sure your question is well explained and is something that the StockCharts user community can actually help with.  Questions like "How can I...?"  and "Is there some way to...?" are usually answered very quickly.  Questions like "Why...?" and "What should I buy?" will probably fall flat.

It's also important to remember that billing issues, feature requests and bug reports are best sent directly to the StockCharts Support team since other end users can't really help with those issues.

My initial hope is that s.c.a.n. becomes a great source of answers for all StockCharts users - and not yet another site filled with irrelevant, spammy, off-topic questions.  However, we don't control what happens to s.c.a.n. - you do!  Let me say that again:


You - not us - are the curators of s.c.a.n.  You have to power to reward great questions and great answers.  You have to power to discourage spam, vagueness, misleading information, and irrelevantness. But in order to help, you must participate.  You must ask great questions.  You must provide great answers.  And you must vote for greatness.

So, help us help you by joining s.c.a.n. today!

- Chip

P.S. Be sure to read and understand the s.c.a.n. FAQ before posting or answering questions.  Also, be sure to search to see if your question has already been asked. 


Chip Anderson
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