Since the beginning of the year, we've seen both Gold ($GOLD) and her sister metal Silver ($SILVER) rally; but we've seen Gold under-perform during this rally. This is exactly what should take place in a metals bull market. But that said, the Gold/Silver Ratio remains at a very critical area in our opinion, for up to this point - it has tested its overhead 600-day moving average and turned lower. Again, this supports a metals bull market, for silver is the leader; and history bears this out.

Gold-silver ratio 1-21-12

But what if this changes,? Rightly or wrongly, we are concerned about whether this is simply a correction from the 600-day, upon which another assault and perhaps breakout above this level is about to take place. If so, then the current good bullish feeling in the metals market shall dissipate rather abruptly, with traders running for the hills as the probability would be higher that Gold would then test the $1300-$1350 zone where the 150-week moving average crosses (this dynamic was shown in the CWW publication two weeks ago).

Therefore, in taking into account where Gold prices are today at $1665, and the position of the ratio - we would need to see gold rally strongly over the 30-week moving average at $1687 - AND - we would need to see silver outperform. If these two circumstances were to take place, then we would expect new highs in both Gold and Silver in the months ahead.

Good luck and good trading,

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