WELCOME GATIS ROZE AND "THE TRADING JOURNAL" BLOG - In case you missed it, we've added another great author to our collection.  Gatis Roze is not writing articles in our free Blogs area for "The Trading Journal" blog.  His first article, titled "Double Your Money - Buy on Rumors" was very well received and this latest effort, "Talk to Your EGO Before You Trade!", is also generating lots of buzz.  Be sure to check them out.

OUR NEW SECTOR SUMMARY AREA CONTINUES TO IMPROVE - Our new Sector Summary area lets you drill down into the various sectors and industries that make up the stock market showing you the strongest performers at each level.  We've just added the ability to see MarketCarpets for each level as well as the ability to select different time frames for performance calculations.  To get started, simply click on the "Sector Summary" link on the homepage located just under the yellow "Today in the Market" chart.

PUBLIC CHARTLIST UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS START NEXT WEEK - Our Public ChartList area continues to get lots of visitors as the authors continue to improve their content and readers continue to vote for and follow their favorites.  If you haven't visited the Public ChartList area recently, be sure to stop by today and see some of the great content you've been missing.

Next week, we will roll out another big improvement for PCL readers - an email-based notification system that will let you know whenever any of the lists your are following have been updated.  You can choose to be notified immediately after any of your lists are updated, or via a once-a-day digest message that summarizes all the changes for the previous 24 hour period.  You can also choose to disable notifications entirely (or simply unfollow whichever lists are annoying you).

Public ChartList authors will also be able to earn a new perk that will allow them to add a personal message to the notification messages that get sent out.  Watch for more details to appear during the week.



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