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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Long-time ChartWatchers know that from the very beginning, has been about the synergy of three things: Great online finanical analysis tools, Great educational content, and Great market commentary that brings it all together.  Today, I'm happy to announce a significant expansion to our StockCharts University (SCU) seminar series that will bolster our educational efforts tremendously.

At this point, we've held three seminars with our initial SCU class - "Using Successfully" - and all of them were very positively reviewed by the people that attended.  Our latest event - in New York last week - was our most successful yet.  Based on that success, we have designed a complete set of SCU courses that can help everyone regardless of their experience level.  Here's what it looks like:


The chart above shows how each class builds upon the previous one, increasing both your knowledge of the tools as well as your ability to use technical analysis successfully in your investing.  The 100 level classes give you a core understanding of how to use, the 200 level classes classes focus on increasing your knowledge of technical trading, and the 300 level classes help you master specific, high value skills.

We will be giving these classes on a regular basis at locations throughout the US and Canada.  Currently, we have the 101 class scheduled for Dallas, Orlando, and Calgary.  We expect have additional classes in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Toronto later in 2013.

In addition to giving you the training you need to be successful, these classes are a great value because they include 3 months of our Extra service, the latest eBook from Alexander Elder, a DVD of the SCU 100 class ("Foundations of Technical Investing"), a StockCharts flash drive, and more.  You also get to talk directly with the instructor about any issue you are having with the website.

Currently, I'm personally teaching the 101 classes,  Over time the plan is for Greg Schnell - the author of our Canadian Technician blog - to teach the 100 level classes so I can present the 200 level classes.  In addition, through the magic of the Internet, John Murphy makes a "virtual" appearance at these classes whenever possible.

You can learn more about our upcoming seminars - including the very special one Greg Schnell is giving in Calgary - by clicking here.

On a personal note, I'd love to see you at one of these events so we can meet and talk about how you can use to its full potential.  I hope to see you soon.

I'll conclude with a quote from Dave K. after he attended our SCU 101 class in New York last week:

"I've been using Stockcharts for a couple of years and wanted to see its full range of capabilities. The Stockscharts University seminar was perfect for this, and the material was presented in a cogent and interesting way. Back on the desk I immediately began using new functions I learned and I'm sure it will improve my trading decisions. All in all a day very well spent, and highly recommended."

Thanks Dave!  Again, click here for more information on SCU.
- Chip

Chip Anderson
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