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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Happy New Year!  2013 was very, very good to technical investors.  Let's hope 2014 continues that trend.

As we mentioned in the previous newsletters, we've put together an amazing line up of speakers for our upcoming ChartCon conference.  Today, I'm please to announce that registration for this great event is now open.  If you already know you want to attend, click here to get an early jump on the registration process.  If you aren't sure, read on.

Announcing ChartCon 2014 in Seattle on August 8th and 9th


ChartCon is our annual conference for enthusiasts.  Each year in Seattle we invite all of our members to join us for several days to talk about chart analysis.  The feedback we get from attendees is universally positive with many of them saying something similar to "This is unlike any other investment conference I've ever been to.  I've learned more here than I have at all other conferences combined!"

This year we are making a couple of exciting changes:

  • We have invited several "titans" of the technical analysis universe to join us including Alexander Elder, Martin Pring and Richard Arms.  That's in addition to our regular speakers which include John Murphy, Arthur Hill, Greg Schell, Gatis Roze, Erin Heim and myself.  The complete speaker list is included below.

  • OK - I have to devote a second bullet point to that list of speakers.  It is truely amazing to have John, Alex, Richard and Martin at the same event, much less at an informal, fun event like ChartCon.  In addition to hearing their presentations, you'll be able to meet and spend time with each of them throughout the conference.

  • We've moved ChartCon to the Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown Seattle.  This is a larger venue in a better hotel with more dining and entertainment options.  In addition, the Hyatt has a auditorium that we'll be using for our breakout sessions.

  • Speaking of which, we will be having breakout sessions this year.  For part of each day, we'll split the conference up into 4 different groups in different rooms for presentations that are more focused and more targetted to specific topics.  We'll be holding the same breakout sessions twice (once on each day) so that you can go to several of them.

  • In addition, we'll be having several optional "After Dark" sessions on Friday night.  These will be informal presentations that you can come to after dinner if you have some spare time.  See the schedule below for details.

  • We're also going to have a Mobile App this year for those of you with smartphones.  This optional app will help you keep up with all of the ChartCon presentation details, room maps, nearby resturants, shopping opportunities, and feedback surveys - all right on your phone.

  • We've also put together a wonderful Puget Sound cruise to a gala banquet on a private island to wrap up the conference on Saturday evening.  Spouses/significant others are welcome to attend this event for free as well!

  • Speaking of spouses, we've also included a special "After Dark" session just for them.  Erin Heim from DecisionPoint will be talking about technical investing in a language that most spouses will understand/appreciate on Friday night.

Now keep in mind, that's just the new stuff.  That's on top of the "normal" ChartCon offerings which include:

  • Presentations from StockChart's "regulars" John Murphy, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell, Tom Bowley, Gord Greer and Gatis Roze.  You'll be able to listen to and hobnob with all of the people that write articles here in ChartWatchers and on our website.

  • Access to the folks that created StockCharts so that you can get any question you have answered in a person-to-person manner.

  • Great food.  Seriously.  We alway get lots of compliments on the food at ChartCon.

  • The Great Pacific Northwest in August, the best time of the year to visit.  We schedule ChartCon deliberately in August so that - when the rest of the country is broiling in 100+ degrees - our attendees can enjoy gorgeous sunshine and sunsets with temperatures that are typically in the mid-80s.  Many attendees combine their ChartCon experience with a cruise - either whale watching up by the San Juan Islands or on a big cruise ship up to Alaska!

OK, are you sold yet?  If so, click here to get started.  If not, check out the schedule for this year's event:

(Schedule is subject to change.  Click on the schedule to see a larger version.)

 Now that's my definition of fun!  One last think to consider - this year we have a hard limit on the number of people that our main conference room can hold.  That limit is 400 people.  With the superstar line up of speakers we have, I'm pretty sure that this event will sell out fast.  I really don't want you to be left out so, if you are at all interested, be sure to sign up soon!

ChartCon 2014 FAQs

Q: How much?
A: $599 per person.  Includes breakfasts, lunches and the gala banquet dinner.

Q: Do you have a special deal for hotel rooms at the Hyatt?
A: Yes!  We've negotiated rates of $199 per night for a one-bed room or $214 per night for a double-bed room.

Q: What can my spouse do while I'm at the conference?
A: Spouses can attend the evening events - the After Dark sessions and the banquet dinner - for free.  Unfortunately, we do not have room for them to attend the regular conference sessions unless they register seperately.  Seattle offers lots of daylight alternatives however including museums, site seeing and shopping.

Q: What's the cancellation policy?
A: You can cancel anytime up until August 1st.

Q: What's the difference between ChartCon and your SCU Seminars?
A: ChartCon is our big conference in Seattle with presentations from a larger number of different experts.  SCU Seminars are one-day events for 50-70 people where we take you step-by-step through all the features of the website.

Q: What's the optional SCU Seminar on Thursday about?
A: We are holding a special SCU 101 seminar for ChartCon attendees on the Thursday before the conference.  This event is optional.  Chip, Greg, John Murphy and Tom Bowley will be teaching it.  Once you register for ChartCon 2014, we'll send you additional details on how to register for this optional seminar.

Q: I live in the Seattle area.  Can I attend ChartCon?
A: Absolutely!  We'd love to see you there.  There's ample parking right next to the hotel at the convention center.

Q: I have another question that you haven't addressed.  Where can I send it?
A: The good folks at [email protected] will answer all other questions.

I hope you have the time and ability to join us at ChartCon this year.  I know that all of the speakers would love to meet you and hear how you are using StockCharts to analyze stocks and the market.  Is it a date?  If so, click here to register.  Thanks!

- Chip

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