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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Just in time for the ongoing February rally, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the DecisionPoint Market Analysis Chart Gallery!

As you probably know, we have recently acquired and are currently in the process of merging their terrific charting tools and datasets into our website.  (If that is news to you, click here for all the details.)  Today, we're taking the next step in that process with the roll out of the DP Market Analysis Chart Gallery.

One of DecisionPoint's greatest strengths - its huge diversity of market indicators - has also been one of its weaknesses.  It has always been a challenge determining which set of indicators to focus on and how much creedence to give each signal from each indicator.  Therefore, as part of the merger process, we've worked closely with Carl Swenlin and Erin Heim (the driving forces behind DecisionPoint) to create a new tool that provides all of the key DP market indicators on one page in an improved format for understanding where the market is most likely headed.

For those of you that can't stand the suspense, just click here and check out the results.

For the three people still reading along, here's a list of some of the improvements you'll find in this new tool when compared to the original charts on

  • All the key charts on one page.  Just scroll down to review them all.
  • The charts are larger now.
  • In some instances, multiple charts have been consolidated into one.
  • We've added the "Y-Axis Label" feature so that you can see the final value of each indicator.
  • We've added the "Zoom Thumbnail" to all of the charts.
  • We've added short descriptions for how to interpret each indicator.
  • We've linked the descriptions to full-length ChartSchool articles for the major indicators.
  • If the page is printed, the charts should appear one-per-page.
  • And, possibly most importantly, we've made the charts clickable (for members)!  Now you can see exactly how each chart was created, you can change any of the settings that you want, you can add your own annotations, and you can save the results in your own account.

StockCharts members will be thrilled to see that some of the indicators on these new charts are very, very unique and very, very helpful when it comes to analyzing the market.  For example, the "Average Price Relative to 52-Week High" shows you how close all the S&P 500 stocks are (on average) to their 52-week highs.  That's new.  That's wonderful stuff.  That's just one example!

Now, the current version is still in "Beta Release" meaning that we might make a couple of more changes to it in the next couple of days.  It also means that we want your feedback.  Feel free to send it to us via our Support page or by just emailing [email protected]

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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