Three Stocks to Watch as We Head into the New Year


While it was a banner year for the markets, 2021 ended with a whimper as uncertainty surrounding the impact of a surge in Omicron cases, coupled with inflation fears and a monetary policy shift, pushed defensive stocks higher. Though this month's move into risk-off areas such as REITs, Utilities and Staples highlights investors' concerns, there is one area that has several stocks to watch out for as we head into the New Year. In particular, it's companies that have experienced scientific breakthroughs in response to the crisis that the COVID-19 virus caused.

While the rapid development of vaccines is one example, genomic sequencing has been behind the ability for testing of the recent variants of COVID, as the ability to unlock viral mutations has paved the way for new vaccine tests and boosters. Below are 3 stocks that are at the forefront of a concerted effort to ensure public health safety through the development of enhanced variant detectors.


First up is PerkinElmer (PKI), which launched research this month that's focused on accelerating the detection of COVID variants by allowing laboratories to boost sequencing output and make reliable variant identifications.

PKI added to its prior week's base breakout as analysts raised earnings estimates for the remainder of this year. On its daily chart above, the stock is finding support at its upward trending 5-day moving average and is poised for further upside.


Next up is Thermo Fisher (TMO), which provides FDA-approved diagnostic kits. Last month, the company announced a single test that can distinguish between COVID and influenza, which has been instrumental in helping patients determine appropriate treatment decisions. More recently, the company entered an agreement with Merck Canada (MRK) to manufacture an oral antiviral medicine for the treatment of COVID-19. Both news items have helped pushed the stock into an uptrend and, with the RSI and MACD moving higher from a relatively low level, the stock is poised for further upside.


Last up is Fulgent Genetics (FLGT), which confirmed that their Next Generation Sequencing tests can accurately identify the most recent variant of Covid. The company's genetic testing business offers a menu of customizable genetic tests, which puts the company at the forefront of being able to detect future mutations of the virus. The stock is poised to break out of a cup-with-handle formation at the $110 level on its way to a longer-term 5-month base breakout at the $112 level.

While next year may present some hurdles at first, I'm anticipating another strong period for the markets, as the economy continues to exhibit strong growth prospects as we recover from the pandemic. Higher interest rates are on the horizon, however, so only select areas will outperform. If you'd like to be alerted to these areas as well as the specific stocks that will benefit, trial my twice-weekly MEM Edge Report for a 4 weeks at a nominal fee.

Use this link here to get immediate access to this top performing report which will alert you to sector rotation as it unfolds and the best ways to capitalize on those shifts.

Happy New Year!


Mary Ellen McGonagle, MEM Investment Research

Mary Ellen McGonagle
About the author: is a professional investing consultant and the president of MEM Investment Research. After eight years of working on Wall Street, Ms. McGonagle left to become a skilled stock analyst, working with William O’Neill in identifying healthy stocks with potential to take off. She has worked with clients that span the globe, including big names like Fidelity Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer. Learn More
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