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Is The Mouse House Going Vertical? (DIS)


With all the attention late last year on Disney with the ESPN subscription levels, the cast at Disney announced they were launching their own 'over the top' service. In July, Disney secured the buying of 21st Century Fox for $71 Billion. Needless to say, that investment is more than just a casual 'filling in some gaps' for Disney. At the completion of the deal, it is estimated Disney will own 40% of the box office. That's a wow. So with the Mouse House coming directly to your house, what do investors think?

Well, they like this a lot. Disney could break out to all time highs after earnings tonight. The stock is becoming one of the top performers with the SCTR moving above 75. The breakout to new 52 week highs is just the start. The momentum shown by the PPO has broken a three year downtrend. 

After the earnings release tonight, we have a solid opportunity to catch Disney on it's breakout after consolidating for three years. That should be something worth watching as long as the $115 level continues to hold. 

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Below is the Commodities Countdown video that walks through the commodities set up right now. 

Below is the recording of The Final Bar show I mentioned above. As Apple moved above the trillion dollar market cap, the $INDU chart closed down on the day. This led into a discussion about examining the underlying price action and how to quickly create index chartlists with just a few keystrokes. 

Below is the recording of The Canadian Technician Video. This video shows some great examples of how breadth breaks down before the markets weaken. 

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