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Raising Guidance Can Result In A BIG Advance


That seems rather plausible. After all, earnings are one key factor that drives stock prices. But, in this case, I'm referring specifically to Big Lots, Inc. (BIG). It's part of a very strong industry group, broadline retail ($DJUSRB), which set a new 52-week relative high vs. the S&P 500 earlier this month, so we know money is rotating into the space. Within the space, BIG established a new 52-week relative high vs. its peers. Check this chart out:

When you look at those relative strength panels, you see lines moving higher from left to right. That's EXACTLY what you want to see as a momentum trader. Broadline retail is in favor and BIG is outperforming its broadline retail peers. BIG has raised guidance TWICE during this quarter, triggering both of those gaps higher. I believe pullbacks create opportunities in a stock like this (I own BIG shares).

On May 29th, BIG raised its earnings guidance to $0.65 to $0.80, while the current estimate resided at $0.31. Less than one month later, on June 26th, they raised EPS guidance again - this time from $2.50 to $2.75. Consensus estimates were only $0.85. After this second announcement of raised EPS guidance, BIG soared to near 44. But this is where doing your homework and having patience pays off. BIG just touched its 50-day SMA, down more than 20% from its high, with the selling on much lighter volume. I look for buying at this level.

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Happy trading!

Tom Bowley, Chief Market Strategist

Tom Bowley
About the author: is the Chief Market Strategist at, where he provides stock market education, guidance, and trading strategies using a unique combination of technical, fundamental, and historical analysis. Tom provides members with four portfolios (Model, Aggressive, Income, and Value), all designed to beat the benchmark S&P 500, and a revolving Watch List of hundreds of companies reporting strong quarterly earnings (must beat both revenue and EPS estimates) and exhibiting technical strength as well. These companies comprise EarningsBeats' annotated Strong Earnings ChartList (SECL), from which Tom trades exclusively. Tom writes a Daily Market Report (DMR) for members to include an executive summary, market outlook, sector/industry watch, and trading ideas. Learn More
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