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I seize this opportunity to welcome you all to this Blog "Analyzing India".

It is beyond all doubts that India remains one of the most important global markets. Out of all the Emerging Markets (EMs), the world's largest democracy certainly remains the most promising one.

As a brief introduction, I have been analyzing Indian Capital Markets for over 15 years. Working as a Independent Technical Research Analyst at my firm Gemstone Equity Research & Advisory Services at Vadodara, India, I have extensively covered Indian Equities, Debt, Inter-Market analysis, analysis covering multiple asset class, etc., mostly following a "Top-Down Approach" of analysis.

I have been a user of over past couple of years and have found this to be one of the best available web-based charting platforms. However, one thing always bothered me was the evident absence of content on Indian Capital Markets. I was sure that if content on Indian financial markets was made available, it would add immense value to the Indian users of and will go long way helping its users to navigate Indian Markets in a rewarding manner.

After one such exchange of ideas with a good friend Julius de Kempenaer, he took this further by putting me in touch with Chip Anderson, President, and it was subsequently decided to bring this blog "Analyzing India" into being. I thank Chip for giving me this opportunity. I am particularly thankful to Kellie Erlandson and Grayson Roze for their help in promptly setting up this blog. 

It is my thorough pleasure in getting associated with this prolific team at StockCharts .com. I am sure, I have lot of learning coming my way in times to come!

Through this blog, we intend to place before users analytical stuff that they can actually use to their benefit on regular basis. This would include Weekly Market Outlook, note on Sectors in Focus, note on Stocks in focus, featuring stocks with great trading and investing potential, etc. You will hear from us at least 2-3 times a week.

Our aim is to act like a torchbearer and provide valuable insights and in-depth analysis on the Indian Capital Markets and help readers and users of navigate the Indian Markets in a meaningfully profitable way. Apart from telling the readers  what to do (which, I believe everyone does!), we will also  be equally vocal on telling readers what NOT to do. I personally think this is required more than the former!

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Milan Vaishnav, CMT, MSTA
Consulting Technical Analyst,

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Milan Vaishnav
About the author: , CMT, MSTA is a qualified Independent Technical Research Analyst at his Research Firm, Gemstone Equity Research & Advisory Services in Vadodara, India. As a Consulting Technical Research Analyst and with his experience in the Indian Capital Markets of over 15 years, he has been delivering premium India-focused Independent Technical Research to the Clients. He presently contributes on a daily basis to ET Markets and The Economic Times of India. He also authors one of the India's most accurate "Daily / Weekly Market Outlook" -- A Daily / Weekly Newsletter,  currently in its 15th year of publication. Milan's primary responsibilities include consulting in Portfolio/Funds Management and Advisory Services. His work also involves advising these Clients with dynamic Investment and Trading Strategies across multiple asset-classes while keeping their activities aligned with the given mandate. Learn More
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