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Fingraphs: Web Interview tomorrow with Chip Anderson


Dear Readers,

Tomorrow, Saturday 31st January, we will have the opportunity to discuss our methodology and current market trends live with Chip Anderson during his regular “ChartWatchers Live!” Saturday webinar. 
Please see the invitation link below:

We would be delighted to take any questions at  Our time being limited, we cannot promise to answer them all during the webinar.  We will however promise to at least respond individually by mail next week. 

Please find below a few Investor’s View charts, which lead into what we planning to discuss. Investor’s View are combinations of Weekly, Daily and Hourly charts, which give investors an investment perspective respectively over the next few Quarters, Months and Weeks.  

S&P500 in light of the current consolidation period: 

Monitoring the uptrend on the USD in light of QE in Europe and Japan:

What targets for the current correction up in Gold? Could it lead to a reversal of the longer term downtrend?

Has the sell-off in oil reached temporary exhaustion?

How much longer and higher can the Bull trend in long dated treasuries continue?

In the meantime, for more information on our methodology, click here ( and then visit the  ‘About Us/Press release’ and ‘User Guide’ sections of our website.  Clicking that link also qualifies you for a 7 day demo and a 10% discount on our services if you choose to subscribe.

Best regards and hope that many of you will attend tomorrow’s session, J-F Owczarczak (@fingraphs)

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