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Rising Yields Have A History Of Favoring These Stocks; One Such Stock Is Being Heavily Accumulated

Tom Bowley

Tom Bowley

Chief Market Strategist,

Rising treasury yields can have a tremendous impact on which groups outperform and underperform. Many of us here at write about the positive impact that rising yields can have on financials (XLF), especially banks ($DJUSBK) and life insurance companies ($DJUSIL). Because rising yields normally reflect Wall Street's opinion that the U.S. economy is strengthening, or about to do so, transportation stocks ($TRAN) also tend to ride the yield's coattails higher. But rising yields can also have a significant impact on asset classes.

Small caps ($SML) love rising yields. Check out this chart:

Small caps have shown the tendency to outperform their larger-cap counterparts when yields rise. That's evident in the bottom panel, which highlights the positive correlation (blue-shaded area) between the two. Mid caps ($MID) also show the same tendency, though the positive correlation is a bit tighter with small caps outperforming.

I ran a scan of stocks on the NYSE and NASD, looking for stocks that have recently been closing above their opens, reflecting potential accumulation throughout the trading day. When I required stocks to close above their open for 10 consecutive trading days with average volume over 200,000 shares per day, only 2 stocks were returned. One is a stock that's on our Earnings AD (Accumulation/Distribution) ChartList at - Opendoor Technologies (OPEN). While the stock still has a long way to go to reach its 52-week high, there's no doubt in my mind that stock is being accumulated at current prices:

Check out the blue-shaded area. 10 consecutive hollow candlesticks, which represented closes above opens, have printed over the past two weeks. The AD line has SOARED! Furthermore, OPEN has broken out to a 4-5 month relative high vs. its real estate services ($DJUSES) peers. And the DJUSES is at a 52-week high vs. the benchmark S&P 500. So OPEN is a leading stock in a leading industry group with tremendous accumulation taking place. At some point, we'll see a pullback in OPEN as it's getting overbought, but I see the stock going higher.

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