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Arthur Hill, CMT, is the Chief Technical Strategist at Focusing predominantly on US equities and ETFs, his systematic approach of identifying trend, finding signals within the trend, and setting key price levels has made him an esteemed market technician. Arthur has written articles for numerous financial publications including Barrons and Stocks & Commodities Magazine. In addition to his Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, he holds an MBA from the Cass Business School at City University in London.

"I am a swing trader focusing on timeframes that extend from a few weeks to a few months. I look for corrections within the bigger trend to identify mean-reversion setups."

Arthur takes a quantitative approach to trading using simple strategies and repeatable processes. Many of these strategies have been backtested and he often shares the results, as well as the strategy. Arthur uses a three-step process to find trading candidates. First, a weight-of-the-evidence approach is used to establish the broad market environment (bull market or bear market). Second, trend and momentum filters are utilized to identify strong sectors, industry groups, and stocks. Third, pattern analysis and momentum oscillators are used to identify tradable pullbacks. Further elements of his trading strategy include a short-term catalyst for entry, an exit strategy, and a profit target. Arthur's favorite indicator is RSI.

Arthur brings over 20 years experience as a trader, technical analyst, and educator. In addition to providing timely analysis and commentary under both the Art's Charts and Don't Ignore This Chart blogs, he is responsible for writing the vast majority of the educational content in the website's ChartSchool area. Arthur has also produced dozens of instructional videos for

Arthur has written a book defining his process: Define the Trend and Trade the Trend. This book shows beginner and intermediate level chartists how to determine trend direction and find low-risk entry points within that trend. He has been featured in Stocks & Commodities Magazine, the CMT Association Webcasts, the Benzinga Premarket Prep and the Financial Sense News Hour, and been quoted in other financial publications.

Arthur received a B.S. in Political Science and Russian Studies from the University of Houston, and an MBA (Finance) from City University Business School in London. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a member of the CMT Association. When not immersed in the markets, he enjoys family time, tennis and scuba diving.

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