SHARPCHARTS BETA 2 NOW AVAILABLE! - We're continuing the roll-out of our new charting engine - SharpCharts 2 - with the release of the second "Beta" version this week. Here's the scoop on what's new in Beta 2:

  • CandleVolume Charts - The width of each candle is proportional to the corresponding volume for that day. Select "Candlevolume" from the "Style" dropdown.
  • Moving Average Channels and Price Envelopes - Two new overlays that can help you spot oversold or overbought stocks.
  • TRIX Indicator - We've added the TRIX to your arsenal.
  • More Duration Choices - Quickly create 9 month and 5 years charts.
  • Historic Intraday Charts - Intraday charts now end on whatever day you specify.
  • User Defined Chart Widths - Specify exactly how wide you want your chart.
  • Multiple Date Scales - You'll always see a date scale just below the price bars no matter how many indicator panels you add.
  • Displaced Moving Averages - Add an optional second parameter to SMAs and EMAs that will displace them by that many periods. Here's an example: 
  • Grid Density - Select exactly how much "gridness" you want on your chart.
  • Additional Chart Styles - Area, Dot, Dashed Line and Histogram styles.
  • Cumulative Charts - Plot AdvDec Lines accurately now.
  • Print Version - Click on the link to print just the chart.

(Note that some of these features are only available to members that are logged in to their accounts.)

To get started, visit this link:

As always, let us know what you think of our progress. There's still lots of work left for us to do - annotations, favorites, overlays and more. But we're getting there!

NEW SITE TOUR NOW ONLINE - We've revamped and updated our online site tour. Check it out to see all of the great things that has to offer. Even veteran ChartWatchers may learn something...

P&F REVERAL MARKERS - There's a new option on our Graphical P&F Charts that shows you where the next reversal will take place. See the Charts #10 and #11 in the ChartWatchers Public List area for examples of the great new feature.

MORE SHARPCHARTS 2 SITINGS - Our new charting engine is now the charting force behind our free CandleGlance andGalleryView pages making those charts some of the best available on our website!

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