- We are getting close to the final release of our new charting engine called SharpCharts2. But before we make SharpCharts2 the "official" charting engine on our website, we have to make sure that it is rock solid. To do that, we've been releasing better and better "Beta" versions of it to our users and asking for feedback (which has been great!). At this point, we are looking to release two more Beta versions over the course of the next month:
  • Beta 6 - The goal of Beta 6 is to show everyone what the final User Interface (the buttons and checkboxes and dropdowns) will look like. Up until now, we've been focused mostly on the charts - Beta 6 is focused mostly on making them easy to create. Look for us to release Beta 6 sometime this week.
  • Beta 7 - The goal of Beta 7 is to allow members to save and retrieve charts in their favorites list(s). Look for us to release Beta 7 is two to three weeks (depending on how Beta 6 goes).
  • RC - "Release Candidate" will be the final chance for people to test SharpCharts2 before it goes live on the site replacing SharpCharts1. Look for the "RC" release a couple of weeks after Beta 7 goes out (again, depending on feedback).

NEW INDICATORS - When Beta 6 does appear later this week, look for three new indicators to make their appearance: Bollinger's %B, the Elder Force Index, and the Detrended Price Oscillator. Look for articles that will explain how to use these new indicators to appear in our ChartSchool in the near future.

Didn't see your favorite indicator in the list above? Let us know in our Beta Feedback Discussion area.

STOCKCHARTS WINS AGAIN! - Thanks to the support of our loyal users (hey, that's you!), has once again won the prestigious"Readers Choice" Award from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. This is the third year in a row we've won the award and we are thrilled. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!


Chip Anderson
About the author: is the founder and president of He founded the company after working as a Windows developer and corporate consultant at Microsoft from 1987 to 1997. Since 1999, Chip has guided the growth and development of into a trusted financial enterprise and highly-valued resource in the industry. In this blog, Chip shares his tips and tricks on how to maximize the tools and resources available at, and provides updates about new features or additions to the site. Learn More
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