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The Dow continues to test the big breakout about 11,000 it had last month.  Here's a chart of the recent action on a 15-minute scale which shows how the initial push has waned and how 11,000 is providing major support for the index (and the market) right now.




This week we added one of the last big features we needed to add to SharpCharts2 - Performance mode.  Similar to "Cumulative" mode which we've supported for years, Performance mode changes the main charting area so that a stock's percentage gain over time (since the left edge of the chart) is plotted.  Combine Performance mode with SharpCharts2 ability to overlay just about anything on anything and you end up with charts like this:



Pretty cool eh?  An annotated PerfChart that members can store in their lists for later review!  As you can see on this one, Mid-Cap stocks have been the clear winners since the start of 2005.  There have been 2 periods where Large-caps have lagged badly (including right now).



SharpCharts2 is now the Official charting tool for our Free Users.  Late last week we retired the SharpCharts1 workbench for those folks and are working hard to help them understand the changes and the new power that SharpCharts2 gives them.  If you are one of our multitude of free chart users, you now have:

  • One additional overlay and one additional indicator per chart
  • The ability to create overlaid charts
  • Candlevolume, EquiVolume, Three-Line Break, and Performance Mode charting
  • Many more technical indicators such as the Force Index
  • New color and line style choices
  • Better printing support
  • More chart size options
  • ...and much more!

If you are new to SharpCharts2, I urge you to take a moment and read the "Instructions" page before continuing (just click the "Instructions" link below any SharpCharts2 chart).  SharpCharts2 can do everything that SharpCharts1 can do and more - BUT - somethings are now done differently and the "Instructions" page explains those differences.

If you are a member of our Basic or Extra services, for now NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  You still need to use the SharpCharts1 workbench to manage your stored charts.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to slowly integrate SharpCharts2 into our site more and more.  Once that is done, we will automatically convert all of your saved charts into SharpCharts2 format and at that point, SharpCharts1 will be a thing of the past.  MAKE SURE YOU START USING SHARPCHARTS2 NOW in order to minimize the problems that this upcoming conversion will cause.



In case you missed the bookstore ad above, we are now taking pre-orders for Greg Morris' updated CandleStick book.  This book is a follow-up to Greg's hugely popular "Candlestick Charting Explained" which has been a best seller for years.  Greg's updated book has been completely reworked and greatly expanded.  It will be an instant "Must Have" book for chartists.  Why not go ahead and order your copy now?




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