SERVER UPGRADE COMPLETED - We hit another major milestone last week when we upgraded our final database server. In addition to the SharpCharts2 roll-out, we've been quietly upgrading our 8 database servers to the newest, fastest hardware from Dell with the newest, fastest software from Microsoft. Last Monday we replaced the last server. What this means to you is fastest response time and more charting data!

MORE BANDWIDTH - This weekend saw another major milestone in the advancement of our website; we added a third super-highspeed Internet connection to ensure that everyone can get to our charts as quickly as possible. Each T-3 connection we have can handle up to 45 Megabits of data, so at this point we can put out up to 135 Megabits of charting goodness. At current growth rates, that should hold us for another couple of weeks. ;-)

FUTURE PLANS - With the SharpCharts2 rollout behind us, you may be wondering what's next for StockCharts. Right now we have several important changes in the pipeline including:

  • Smaller chart filesizes - means faster downloads for everyone.
  • Improved look-and-feel for Extra! members - similar to the improved Public Chart Lists we rolled out two weeks ago.
  • New indicators in the Scan Engine - gotta add all of SharpCharts2's indicators.
  • ChartSchool improvements - soon it will work just like our new Support area does.

We're also continue to work on long-term improvements including a streaming version of our charts(!). Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when any of these new features will be available. Rest assured that we are working as hard as we can on them however. As things get closer to being finished, we'll let you know here in this newsletter.

Chip Anderson
About the author: is the founder and president of He founded the company after working as a Windows developer and corporate consultant at Microsoft from 1987 to 1997. Since 1999, Chip has guided the growth and development of into a trusted financial enterprise and highly-valued resource in the industry. In this blog, Chip shares his tips and tricks on how to maximize the tools and resources available at, and provides updates about new features or additions to the site. Learn More
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