JOHN MURPHY ON THE RADIO - In case you missed it, John Murphy was on Invested Central's radio broadcast during last Friday's afternoon show. He discussed the current direction of the market and what was driving its current direction. You can listen to the program online right now by clicking this link. (May require a browser plugin - John's segment is about 1/6th of the way into the show)

WELCOME TOM BOWLEY! - Speaking of Invested Central, we want to welcome their chief market commentator - Tom Bowley - to the ChartWatcher's line up. Tom's ability to make complex market movements easy to understand is one of the hallmarks of the Invested Central radio show. That's something that comes through clearly in his first article for us. You'll find it at the bottom of this newsletter.

TRADER'S ALMANAC ON SPECIAL - In case you missed it above, Chip ordered us to really discount the new 2007 version of the Stock Trader's Almanac, so we did. Right now it's priced at only $24.35US, over $10 off its regular price. Don't miss out on one of the best market timing guides available anywhere. Order now.

HARDWARE UPGRADES CONTINUING - Over the past 4 weeks, we have completely replaced all of our internal network components. Our network is now 10 to 100 times faster than it used to be. Next on our list is to upgrade the power and cooling systems in our server room. It turns out that powering and cooling the 50+ servers that drive our website is quite a chore and we will be moving to a chilled water system so that we can continue adding more servers in the future. This is a multi-month project that will kick off very soon. It will, unfortunately, require us to take down the site for several hours during some upcoming weekends. Watch the "What's New" area of the site for more announcements and specific details.

Chip Anderson
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