JOHN MURPHY TRAVELLING THIS WEEK - John will be presenting at the IFTA Conference in Switzerland this week and will not be online after Monday. We've arranged for Arthur Hill (you can read he column below) to contribute commentary while John is away.

NEW METHOD FOR REQUESTING MISSING STOCKS - We will be rolling out a new web-form for people to use whenever they want us to add a new ticker symbol to our database. This new form will help you help us get new symbols into our database as quickly as possible. Watch for the link to appear soon on our main "Support" page.

DAY-LONG SITE OUTAGE LOOMING - As part of our server room expansion project, we will soon need to physically move all of our computer equipment from its current location into a new temporary space. If everything goes as planned (hard to know right now), we will move all of our equipment next Saturday, October 28th. During the time we are moving stuff, the site will be offline. Please watch the "What's New" area of the site for specific details and plan accordingly. While painful, once the expansion project is complete, we will have three times more power and cooling capacity (critical for servers) than we do now.

MORE DATA-FEED SERVERS ORDERED - In order to ensure that we can get information reliably from our data vendor even when one of their servers is down, we have ordered two more of their data-feed servers (for a total of four). The new servers should reduce the likelihood of data problems like we had several weeks ago. We hope to have them installed later this week.

ALMANAC SPECIAL HELD OVER - Wow, over 200 people ordered the 2007 Stock Traders Alamanac from us last week making it our most popular special ever! In case you missed it, we decided to continue it through the end of this month. Check out all the glowing things we said about it in the last newsletter, then order your copy before the special ends.

Chip Anderson
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