THINGS NON-MEMBERS ASK ABOUT - Yes, we do have monthly charts.   Yes, we do allow you to create charts that are longer than 3 years.  Yes, you can see the data that makes up each chart.  Yes, our charts can be automatically updated.  Yes, you can scan just the charts in your portfolio.  Yes, we do have 15-minute bar charts.  Yes, we do provide free real-time data for US stocks.  Yes, you can see an example of the Market Message here.  ChartLists are groups of saved charts that you want to review later.  Having more than one ChartList lets you categorize your saved charts.  Yes, members have access to all of this and more.

No, we don't have coverage for the Indian stock market.  No, we don't have technical alerts - yet.  No, we don't provide downloadable data.  No, we don't have real-time futures data.  No, we don't charge your credit card until after the 10-day free trial is over.  No, we don't have Level 2 data.

Yes, you can learn all about our pricing and features at

"THE CANADIAN INVESTOR" BLOG ADDED - Please give our newest columnist Greg Schnell a big StockCharts welcome by visiting his new blog "The Canadian Technician" located under our Blogs tab.  Greg's blog is about technical analysis from a Canadian perspective and his first couple of articles have been very well received.  

Hint: If Greg's charts look too small on your screen, click on them once to see the enlarged version.

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