Chip Anderson

Chip Anderson


Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

The Dow moved above 14,000 yesterday at 11:04am.  How do I know the exact time that happened? I know because StockCharts tweeted about it the instant it happened.  Did you know we automatically tweet about a wide variety of significant technical signals, automatically alerting anyone who watches our Twitter feed?  It is just one of dozens of improvements we made to the website over the course of 2012.  Here are some other improvements you might not know about:

Unadjusted Data -

Just add an underscore to the front of any ticker symbol to see what the unadjusted chart looks like. (more info)

User-Defined Indexes -

Upload data from any spreadsheet and then use our tools to chart it. (more info)

Revamped Public ChartLists -

Better ways to find ChartLists that match your interests.  More rewards and perks for Public ChartList authors. (more info)

StockCharts University Seminars -

Live, all-day training seminars given by myself and/or Greg Schnell in major cities throughout North America. (more info)

More Indicators and Overlays -

We now have over 50 different technical indicators including Pring's Know Sure Thing (KST), the Mass Index and the Vortex Indicator.  (more info)

User-Defined Technical Alerts -

Members can now receive automatic emails whenever a specific technical situation occurs. (more info)

More Color Schemes and Skins -

Spruce, Graphite and Dark Green (among others) have been added to the Color Scheme dropdown.  In addition, some of those schemes support UI "skins" that change the color of your entire charting workbench to match the color of your charts.  (more info)

Gatis Roze's "Traders Journal" Blog -

Gatis' unique perspective on how real-world traders operate was a wonderful addition to our Blogs area.  His "Traders Journal" articles are highly recommended - as are all our Blog articles!  (more info)

Mobile Website -

You can now use directly on your mobile device - phone or tablet and see pages specifically designed for touch-based interfaces. (more info)

Educational Videos -

Arthur Hill has created a wonderful collection of free educational videos about technical analysis and using (more info)

PRO Service Level -

For people that need more, our new PRO service level offers 5-second refreshing, historical data back to the 1960s, downloadable data, more User-Defined Indexes and Alerts, bigger charts, and more. (more info)

Improved ChartStyles -

Our most recent improvement is the addition of a new interface for creating, using and organizing ChartStyles. (more info)

Phew! and I probably forgot several other things we've added.  So what's coming next?  Well, first of all we are dedicated to continue improving the website and helping everyone get the most out of it.  That said, we are hard at work on even more great improvements which you can expect to see in the coming months and years.

We believe that this dedication to continuous improvement is why AAII called us "Best of the Best" in its latest review of web-based charting tools and why, for the readers of "Stocks & Commodities" magazine have one again voted us "Best Technical Web Site" for the 11th straight year!

Here's to an even better 2013!
 - Chip 

Chip Anderson
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