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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

GalleryView has been a often overlooked gem here at StockCharts going all the way back to the beginning of the website.  Today we're pleased to announce an important new feature for GalleryView but first, I wanted to go over exactly what GalleryView is and how it can be used.

GalleryView takes any ticker symbol and shows you four, fixed-format charts for that symbol on one page.  The first chart shows you five days of 10-minute candles.  The next chart shows you several months of daily candles followed by a chart with a couple of years of weekly data.  Finally, we have a P&F chart at the bottom of the page.

In case you weren't aware, you can access GalleryView in any of several ways:

  • Click on the "Free Charts" tab and then enter a ticker symbol into the GalleryView box that appears in the middle of the page.
  • Select "GalleryView" from the "Create a chart" dropdown in the gray bar at the top of any of our web pages, then enter a symbol and click "Go"
  • Click on the GalleryView icon at the bottom of the SharpCharts Workbench.
  • Choose to view one of your saved ChartLists in GalleryView mode.
  • Click on the GalleryView icon next to any ticker symbol on the Scan Results page after running a scan.
  • Select "GalleryView" from any of the dropdowns on the Homepage in the "Top Ten" or "SCTRs" lists, then click on a ticker symbol in the corresponding list.
  • Click here
  • (There are probably a couple more ways I've fogotten about too...)

The design of the GalleryView charts was a collaboration between myself and John Murphy many years ago.  The goal was to have a series of charts that would instantly give someone a complete technical overview for a given stock using the indicators and multi-period approach that John preaches in his books - the short-term picture, the daily view, the longer-term picture and a P&F view.  Personally, I think that the default GalleryView charts do an outstanding job of meeting that goal.

Unfortunately, despite the myriad of ways to access it, GalleryView isn't heavily used and many of the people that do use it invariably ask us one question: "How can I change the settings in GalleryView to something else?"

Well, now we finally have an answer for that question.  We now allow members to customize their GalleryView charts with any settings/indicators/overlays that they want!  It is done via three specially named ChartStyles: "GalleryIntraday", "GalleryDaily" and "GalleryWeekly".

In other words, to change the way that the Daily chart on the GalleryView page looks, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account and go to the SharpCharts Workbench and create a chart using daily bars that looks exactly like you want your Daily GalleryView charts to look like.  The symbol that you use doesn't matter, just make sure the other settings are all like you want and the chart looks correct.
  2. Click on the "+" icon located to the left of the chart so that you can save your chart settings as a ChartStyle.
  3. Enter the name "GalleryDaily" in the "ChartStyle Description" box that appears and then click the "Add New" button to save the style into your account.

That's it!  Now visit any of our GalleryView pages and you should see your new settings/indicators in the Daily chart slot.  You can also repeat those steps for "GalleryIntraday" and "GalleryWeekly" to change those charts.  Please note the following restrictions:

  • The Intraday chart will still only show 10-minute bars.  Similarly, the Daily chart only shows Daily bars and the Weekly chart only shows weekly bars.
  • The P&F chart cannot be customized unfortunately.
  • The width of the charts will remain fixed at the current width of 800 pixels.

Beyond that, anything goes!  Here are some tips for creating effect Gallery styles:

  • Use the "Fill the Chart" range option to prevent the bars on the chart from getting scrunched.
  • Consider using different color schemes for each Gallery style to remind you that they contain different bar periods.
  • Don't add too many indicators to the Gallery charts otherwise the page will get very long.

In conjunction with this announcement, we have also increased the number of ChartStyles that members can have in their account from 30 to 35.  In addition, we have increased the number of StyleButtons that members can create from 9 to 12.

So what might this mean for people that like to study lots of charts in different timeframes?  Well, it means that you can now study lists of ticker symbols in GalleryView instead of 10-per-page view and still see your own custom indicators and overlays.  Depending on how you do your analysis, it could become your preferred way of reviewing your charts.

- Chip

P.S. Watch for an announcment in my blog about customizing CandleGlance charts soon. 

Chip Anderson
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