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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Last year, I had an article dedicated to things that many people didn't know about  The list was based on our customer support questions and the feedback we get from our live seminars.  I thought now would be a good time to revisit and update that list.

  • Our Twitter Feed - we are still faithfully tweeting out alerts whenever interesting technical events happen.  Yesterday, we had some doozies:
    In case you are not already a member of the "Twitterati," Twitter is totally free and is easy to setup.  Click here for a great article on getting started.

  • Gatis Roze's Secretly Disguised Novel - Have you been reading Gatis' blog articles faithfully?  His advice can definitely help you become a better investor.  And here's the thing - his articles secretly fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces to form a complete book!  So even if you have been reading his articles faithfully, you should still click here and read the entire thing from cover to cover.  It's only by reading it from beginning to end that you will start to see what the phrase "Tensile Trading" really means.

    (And if you want more of Gatis' knowledge, come see him live in Atlanta on March 16.)
  • NYSE Common Stock Only Datasets - Our merger with has added a whole slew of new datasets to our system including a collection of 29 new market indicator based solely on common stocks in the NYSE.  No funds, no ETFs, no classes - just regular stocks.  The differences can be significant.  Click here to see a list of these indexes.
  • Videos, Videos, Videos - We have a ton of helpful videos that can answer almost any question you may have about using our website.  Watching them all does take time but it really is worth it.  Click here when you have a spare hour (or two).
  • Technical ETF Rankings - Our SCTR page for ETFs. when sorted by "Change" really is quite special.  It can show more than just which ETFs are the strongest on that day.  It can also tell you what sectors and industries are strengthening.  Just click here and then read the names of the funds and look for groups of similar names.  Right now - March 1st, 2014 - I'm noticing lots of  Natural Gas and Oil funds moving higher.
  • $SPX Seasonality - Is "Sell in May and Go Away" good advice?  Our new Seasonality tool can tell you.  Just use it to chart $SPX (and set the 'Compare' field empty) and then click on the Histogram button and stretch the slider out to 10 years.  Boom!
    Clearly, May and June have not been kind to $SPX.  Good to know!
  • Unadjusted Data - We still get lots of questions about this so here it is again one more time.  Our regular stock ticker symbols are adjusted to remove the "artificial" effects of splits, dividends and distributions.  Always have, always will.  However, if you want to see what the charts look like without those adjustments, just add an underscore character to the front of the ticker symbol and voila!  Gap city.
  • A Free Book from John Murphy - We just added a free, online version of John's classic "Charting Made Easy" to our ChartSchool.  Click here to get your copy.
  • The Entire History of StockCharts Online - Every single one of our ChartWatcher newsletters is still available on our website.  Just click on the "Archives" link at the bottom of the homepage.  You can even read the very first StockCharts newsletter ever written.  How long ago was that??

So there you go.  There are even more gems hiding inside the site of course (like this and this and this) but that's a good list to start with.  Hopefully some of those are news to you.  Enjoy!

- Chip

Chip Anderson
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