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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

The stock market moved higher this week on good earnings news - but it is too early to conclude that the Bull are firmly back in charge.  Why?  One word - breadth.  Breadth and momentum.  OK, sorry, two, two words - breadth, momentum and seasonality.  THREE!  Three words - breadth, momentum and seasonality.   There.  Phew.   (If you don't get that Monty Python reference, click here.)

But seriously, there are still big concerns about the internal strength of the markets right now including those three factors.  (and sector rotation.  "Four!!")  The good news is that we covered all of those reasons in great detail on this weekend's "ChartWatchers LIVE!" webinar.  Instead of rehashing all of that content in this article, I'm just going to give you a link to the free webinar recording and strongly encourage you to check it out.  Here's the video:

(If the embedded video player doesn't appear above, just click here.  Make sure the "HD" button in the lower right corner is colored blue - if not, click it.)

Now, is watching this webinar really worth your time?  Why is this webinar special?  Instead of me answering that question directly, let me show you what the viewers of the live webinar said after watching:

How did we do?  Was the webinar worthwhile for you?
- Absolutely.  The first part was more important to me, but the entire seminar was very educational.
- I participate in at least 4 webinars a week and wonder how it can get any better - today's exceeded all those in the past. Clear, concise and exceedingly helpful in depth orientation and familiarization of technical features which makes StockCharts so valuable. Bills' indicator section was excellent and very helpful as well as Chip's wide swath of indicators.
- No
- Wow!  What a complete review of Market, Sectors, Stocks, breadth and depth.   Have learned so much from the Chart Watcher Saturday sessions.  "I Didn't Know StockCharts Did That!"
- 5 STARS!
- Excellent as usual and learned a few things that "I did no know stockcharts could do that"
- Good content.  Bill's presentation on  Invisible setting on the NYSE index vs volume was really interesting!
- Great. Really liked the indicator comparison discussion
- Breath and seasonality were especially interesting and always great when you do a scan.  you both were informative.
- It's a really helpful current market analysis, and good teaching/illustration about scan and chart settings. Thanks a million!
- Great session I always learn something new I am very grateful that you have this business.  It has changed how I trade and I can't imagine ever trading again without StockCharts!
- Great.  Bill connected the dots on the apparent declining participation.  Chip's explanation on using the comparative window on seasonality was good.
- Very interesting... Although a bit long...
- Yes it was worthwhile, because it showed me a new method  of finding "what's new in a sector. thanks
- BEST show of the year! More time on fewer subjects was the key from my perspective. I particularly liked Bill's breadth presentation and Chip's indicator comparisons.
- Excellent seminar. Keep up the big picture approach and the market recap. Avoid some of the earlier type programs that focused on very narrow topics.
- Really well! The invisible charts, line view on the seasonality chart and some of the breadth indicators were new to me. Love the Saturday blog- keep up the good work!
- First webinar at StockCharts for me.  I am always looking for insight and the logic behind it.  I found your summation on dimminishing market participation enlightening.  I will be back.
- Yes, the more knowledge of the use of technical indicators the better!
- Great.  A little monotone but was good.
- I thought this was an excellent webinar. I especially like the market recap. Bill's market breath indicators were very interesting. I also liked the review of the indicators at the end of the program.
- Some of the Saturday programs have been on esoteric subjects, which few of us might be interested in, but this week was great.

Now, if you are like me, you immediately look for the negative reviews - and yes we had one "no", one "monotone" and one "too long" - but in general those are few and far between (Phew!).  So if you haven't seen one our webinars before, find some time to review this week's episode and see what you think.  Feel free to skip over the parts you find uninteresting - we don't mind.  Hopefully, you'll come away with several useful pieces of information.

- Chip


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