Bottom Fishing - Three Candidates After Last Week's Sharp Selloff


It was a tough week for investors following last week's sharp drop in the markets, particularly as many individual stocks sold off even more than the averages. Selling was broad-based and on heavy volume, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average experiencing its biggest decline since the October 2008 banking collapse as coronavirus fears gripped the markets.

The relentless selling subsided on Friday, however, and a close look at that day's trading action points to a good chance that we may see a bounce into next week. Heavy buying on what was the market's 7th straight day of declines had the S&P 500 bullishly closing in the very upper portion of its trading range for the day.

Other near-term bullish factors also emerged - you can review them in my most recent MEM Edge Show here.


The first name that's due for a bounce is General Electric (GE), which got hammered during the coronavirus-inspired selloff, dropping as much as 26% before buyers came in and supported the stock. On a daily chart, GE bullishly closed on Friday back above its key 200-day moving average.

As with the other selected stocks in this article, I've marked up the intraday chart to highlight positive signals for the very near-term outlook. As you can see, the RSI is a hair away from turning positive, while the MACD bullishly crossed up above its signal line. Lastly, GE's rally on Friday bullishly pushed the stock back above its 5- and 8-hour moving averages.


Shopify (SHOP) is in an even more positive position to rally, after closing the week back above its key 50-day moving average following a Friday rally. The stock had been a huge year-to-date winner before peaking in price in mid-February. The 2-week selloff in the stock pushed it down as much as 30%, despite analysts raising earnings estimates.

On the intraday chart, the RSI for Shopify is now positive while the MACD has had a positive crossover. In addition, the price action on Friday pushed the stock back above its near-term moving averages.


The slump in Transdigm Group (TDG) began even earlier than the other candidates, as the stock peaked in price in early February despite reporting strong earnings and sales that had analysts raising guidance going forward.

The stock slumped more than 20% over the past 3 weeks before finding support at its 200-day moving average on Friday. It also bullishly closed in the very upper portion of its range for the day. On the intraday chart, the RSI is close to turning positive while emerging from an oversold position, and the MACD has had a positive signal crossover. In addition, the volume during the stock's break back above key moving averages is very impressive.

While the broader markets appear poised for a bounce, the longer-term outlook remains murky. Until we have a clearer picture of the coronavirus's true impact on global growth, we can expect the uncertainty that's been pushing the market's down to remain.

In the meantime, those interested in participating in a possible bounce in the markets will want to put alerts in place so that, if your stock breaks back below those ultra-short-term moving averages and negative RSI and MACD signals emerge, you can safely exit. This would be using an intraday chart.

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Mary Ellen McGonagle

MEM Investment Research

Mary Ellen McGonagle
About the author: is a professional investing consultant and the president of MEM Investment Research. After eight years of working on Wall Street, Ms. McGonagle left to become a skilled stock analyst, working with William O’Neill in identifying healthy stocks with potential to take off. She has worked with clients that span the globe, including big names like Fidelity Asset Management, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer. Learn More
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