The Times They Are A-Changin'


Generally, my articles focus on corporate earnings. But let's face it - earnings have taken a back seat these days, with traders more in survival mode. How volatile has it gotten out there and how worried are investors? Well, just take a look at the chart on the VIX below, which paints quite a picture.

Of course, what stands out is that the VIX has only been at the level it was during this past week one other time in history, which is during the Great Recession, when everything was in flux. That's rare air.

One of the most amazing things to think about is that the S&P hit its all time high just one month ago, yet now NO ONE wants to touch stocks. Compare that to what we saw for years during the bull market going back to the S&P bottom in March 2009, where traders were salivating all over pullbacks, with virtually every one being seen as a prime buying opportunity. Now? HEAVY selling on ANY rally - though there haven't been many - with great hesitation to put money to work on any dips.

All of this adding up to the necessity to design a new Trading Playbook. And this is why we've decided to conduct a webinar today, Saturday, March 21, where Chief Market Strategist Tom Bowley will focus on "Changing Strategies in a Changing Market." This is a VERY timely event and we'd love for you to join us - and you won't have to leave your home! Just click here to learn more and save a seat. 

At your service,

John Hopkins

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