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Yellow-organizing-foldersI am thrilled to announce that StockCharts members - including all members - can now install two new DecisionPoint ChartPacks for free!  We've just released our popular "Straight Shots" charts and our Rydex Asset Analysis charts as installable ChartPacks for your StockCharts account.

But before we install them, I wanted to take a moment and show you exactly what ChartPacks are and how they work in order to get the most from these new DecisionPoint ChartPacks.

ChartPacks are pre-created collections of charts that you can install into your StockCharts account with a single click.  As part of the merger with, we have been hard at work creating new ChartPacks that contain all of the charts from the old website.  If you are a fan of those charts, you can now install them into your StockCharts account with just a couple of clicks!

ChartPacks are located on the "Your Account" page near the bottom. We've covered the "Your Account" page in a previous article.

If you are new to ChartPacks, I recommend starting with the free "StockCharts Essentials" ChartPack.  It gives you two things:  a very useful collection of StockCharts charts spread across several ChartLists and a very helpful organizational framework for keeping your charts organized.

To install the Essentials ChartPack, click on the "Your Account" link at the top of any page, then scroll down until you see the "ChartPacks" area.  Next, find the "StockCharts Essentials" ChartPack in the table and click its "Install" button.  (If it only has a "Re-Install" button, then you already have it in your account.)  Finally, scroll down and click on the yellow "Install ChartPack" button to complete the process.


As part of the installation process for the Essentials ChartPack, you will also get something called the "ChartList Framework."  The ChartList Framework acts as a filing cabinet.  When you open a real life file cabinet, you see various folders with tabs that tell you what is in the folder.  You also see dividers that separate these folders into groups.  For your StockCharts account, the Framework provides the dividers, and ChartLists - like the ones inside the Essentials ChartPack - are the "folders."

After installing the Essentials ChartPack (and the Framework that comes with it), here is what your account's ChartLists should look like:

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.55.44 PM

(Again, to see this list, click on the "Members" tab at the top of any page and then scroll down.)

The BOLD faced "lists" are empty.  They are the dividers in your file drawer.  Underneath each bold faced list are numbered lists that are populated with ready-made charts described by label.  They are the file folders that you can open to 'thumb through' charts. Try clicking on the "10 Per Page" link for each list to see exactly what that folder contains.

Notice the numbering system, how the 'folders' or chart lists are in sequence according to grouping.  There are plenty of numbers in between if you want to put another list in the group or even add another group altogether.  Maybe you don't want the "Essential Economic Indicators" list, then just delete it!  Or, you can delete individual charts within a list that you don't follow.  The power is yours!

Now let's look at installing the DecisionPoint ChartPacks.  Back on the "Your Account" page, next to the ChartPack you are interested in, is a button that says "Install."  Just click on it, then click on the yellow install button and - Poof! - all those charts are now installed in your account.  Click on the "Members" tab and scroll down to see them.

Don't fret, if you install a ChartPack and you don't really like it or you change your mind and don't want to use up your list space, click the "Remove" button.  If you've deleted a list you wish you hadn't, click "Re-Install" and it will put it back in for you.

From Clipboard

So go ahead right now and install the DecisionPoint ChartPacks you are interested in.  Go ahead - I'll wait...

Are you done?  Terrific!  Please note that as of right now - Friday, March 7th - we have two DecisionPoint ChartPacks available for you - "Straight Shots" and "Rydex Asset Analysis."  Over this coming weekend, we will be adding two more DecisionPoint ChartPacks for a total of four.  Fans of DecisionPoint should check back on Monday (or Sunday if you just can't wait) and then install those other ChartPacks when they appear in the list.

After installing the ChartPacks, don't forget to click on the "10 Per Page" links beside each ChartList to view its contents.  If you want to view the charts 1-at-a-time, click the "ChartBook" link instead.

I'm so excited about the release of these two ChartPacks and cannot wait to introduce you to how to use them. Stay tuned for more articles from me about the contents of each of the DecisionPoint ChartPacks and how they can be used effectively. 

Happy charting!


Erin Swenlin
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