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This article is directed mainly at current subscribers, but if you need information on how to renew your subscription, read on! As part of the merger between and, all DP subscribers were given complimentary "Extra" StockCharts membership accounts so that they could start becoming familiar with DecisionPoint content as it was moved to Well, the merger is nearing completion (for more info on that click here) and that means the website will be closing soon. More importantly, it means that the complimentary Extra subscription you received is going to expire, in most cases on May 31st!

Why should I renew?  If you are not a member of, you will no longer have access to the DP Daily Update (formerly known as the DP Blog on, DP Reports and Trackers.

My subscription renewed automatically, won't my membership? NO, it will not renew automatically. You must input your credit card information. Your credit card information did not transfer during the merger in order to keep your information safe and secure.

How do I renew?   Soon existing members will start receiving renewal email notices from asking them to renew their accounts. The email will contain complete renewal instructions.  When you go to renew, you'll see that you have several service level choices - Basic, Extra, ExtraRT and PRO.  We strongly recommend our "Extra" service level (or higher) for DecisionPoint users.  (Your current account is probably an "Extra" account.)  While Basic is less expensive, it doesn't give you access to ChartPacks, Scans or the DP Spreadsheets - three important things that we think DP users will find very convenient to have.

I want to renew now, not wait for the email, can you help?  Great! The sooner you renew the better. Here are a few instructions on how to renew your account. Before renewing your account, check your account's expiration date.  If your account isn't expiring soon, there's no need to renew yet.  To check your account's expiration date, click on the "Your Account" link in the upper right corner of any of our pages. Once you are on the Account page, you'll see when your subscription expires.

After checking your expiration date, if the date is coming up soon, you can renew/extend your account by scrolling down lower on the "Your Account" page and clicking on the appropriate yellow "Extend" button for your current level of service.  You can then follow the screen prompts to complete your renewal order.  Be sure to set the Automatic Renewal setting appropriately before clicking "Submit Order."

REMEMBER: the website will no longer be available after June!  If you want to continue having access to DecisionPoint charts and commentary, you must renew and maintain your account!  

Happy Renewing!


Erin Swenlin
About the author: is a co-founder of the website along with her father, Carl Swenlin. She launched the DecisionPoint daily blog in 2009 alongside Carl and now serves as a consulting technical analyst and blog contributor at Erin is an active Member of the CMT Association. She holds a Master's degree in Information Resource Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology as well as a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern California. Learn More
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