DP Subscribers: Renew Your StockCharts Subscription For Less Than Your DP Subscription!


Just a reminder that the majority of subscribers will be losing their access (and consequently access to the majority of DP content) unless they renew now. Questions have been coming in to the Support Team regarding the cost difference and what they are getting for their money. What has surprised many is that you can actually get your subscription costs on your account to be less than what you were paying for access to Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

"I am renewing my DecisionPoint/StockCharts subscription for another year. I would like to be charged on a monthly basis. This is how DecisionPoint billed me." 

If you would like to move to automatic monthly renewal like you had on, here are the steps: 

1.) Log into your StockCharts account
2.) Click on the "Your Account" link in the upper right corner
3.) Click on the "Yellow" Extend button located down in the table of "Subscription Plans" on that page
4.) Make sure the "1 month" box is selected and click the green "Continue" button
5.) Enter your payment information, but don't click the "Submit Order" button yet
6.) Make sure that the dropdown inside the "Automatic Renewal" area of the page is set to "Auto-renew for another month"
7.) Check the "Non-refundable" checkbox and then click "Submit Order"

"What am I getting for my money? I don't know why I should renew my Extra subscription." 

We really hope you will choose to renew your Extra account and continue to have access to everything that StockCharts has to offer including:

- Intraday charting
- Automatically refreshing charts
- DecisionPoint ChartPacks
- DP Daily Update

- John Murphy's market insights
- Larger, more complex charts
- Customized chart settings
- Saved charts that you can access from anywhere
- Arthur Hill's market analysis videos
- Automatically updated chart annotations and much more.

"As a previous subscriber, I don't want to pay more for a subscription than I did for DecisionPoint."

Currently, you have a complimentary subscription to our "Extra" service. Extra gives you access to all of the DecisionPoint commentary and reports you are used to as well as access to John Murphy's commentary, DP's advanced charts, our advanced scanning tools, intraday data and all of our charting features. If paid on a month-to-month basis, Extra costs $24.95 per month _however_ if you pay for 1 year in advance, the service is discounted to an effective rate of $19.23 per month which is slightly less than what your service was costing you. In addition, if DP's advanced charts and our scanning features are not important to you, you can downgrade your subscription to our "Basic" service. You'd still have access to all of the DecisionPoint commentary and reports as well as John Murphy's commentary, intraday data and most of our charting features. If paid on a month-to-month basis, Basic costs $14.95 per month. If you pay for 1 year in advance, Basic is discounted to an effective rate of $11.92 per month which is much lower than what your service was costing you.


If you have any questions regarding the renewal process, be sure to check out my previous blog. If you still have questions or concerns, our Customer Support Team are ready to help you, just click here to submit a request. I do hope you renew your subscription. While change can be difficult, I know you want to keep enjoying the same content you did on It is all available now on and you can access it as well as many many more features for LESS than what you paid for if you renew on an annual basis.

Happy Charting!






Erin Swenlin
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