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Singing in the (Ticker) Rain (FAS/FAZ)

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This is not your typical stock chart.  This is what you see after running our Ticker Rain program for a while.  It can show you what tickers are popular on  More importantly, it can show you what everyone else is looking at.  Each column represents a bunch of chart requests for a particular symbol.  The columns "grow" over time with the more popular symbols growing faster.

For instance, are you aware of the FAS/FAZ frenzy that's going on these days?  FAS (#3) and FAZ (#1) are relatively new "3x" ETFs that lots of traders are using to try and trade the market.

Of course SPY (#2) is always popular, but what about some of those other spikes?  Fire up Ticker Rain for yourself and mouse over the columns to see what people are charting.  I'm sure you'll get a couple of good ideas almost immediately.
Chip Anderson
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