The Traders Journal

November 2020

The Traders Journal

Discipline Is A Synonym For Profitability In The Stock Market - Here's How To Achieve Both

by Gatis Roze

Maintaining the mindset of a serious investor takes discipline. Personally, I have found necessary motivations amongst sports analogies and metaphors. I confess — I lean on them heavily. After 30 years, I've learned that stock market profitability is a synonym for discipline... Read More 

The Traders Journal

Offense Continues To Lead Defense, But High Volatility Remains The "New Normal" | Your Daily Five (11.02.20)

by Grayson Roze

So I'm the lucky guy who gets to host "Your Daily Five" the day before election night. What a time to step in for a new show! It's been a fascinating few weeks for markets, which of course is only fitting given all of the madness we've seen here in 2020 more broadly... Read More