How Can I Get Industry and Sector Details on a Chart? (w/video)


Chartists can get industry and sector information by using two pseudo symbols and setting the legends to verbose. The default setting for legends shows basic information that includes the security symbols and indicators. This setting is great for basic charting, but might not be enough when using pseudo symbols such as $INDUSTRY and $SECTOR. These symbols plot the industry group and sector associated with a stock. Note that they do not work for ETFs or indices. Chartists can add these symbols by choosing "price" as an indicator and entering $INDUSTRY or $SECTOR in the parameters box. 

The image above shows two half charts with default legends on the left and verbose legends on the right. Starting at the top, notice that a verbose legend turns INTC into Intel Corp (the full name). Further down the chart, notice that $SPX becomes S&P 500 Large Cap Index. And perhaps most importantly, $DJUSCC becomes Dow Jones Semiconductors Index and XLK becomes Technology Select Sector SPDR. This makes it easy to see the appropriate industry group or sector when using $INDUSTRY and $SECTOR symbols. As an added bonus, notice that the industry group and sector automatically change when the main symbol changes. For example, if I changed to Amgen (AMGN), $INDUSTRY would automatically change to Dow Jones Biotechnology Index and $SECTOR would change to Health Care Select Sector SPDR. The image below shows how to change the legends to verbose and add $INDUSRY or $SECTOR to a chart. 

Arthur Hill
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