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Is Now The Time For FedEx?


FedEx Corp (FDX) will be reporting its latest quarterly results tomorrow after the closing bell. In late-August, FDX printed a bullish engulfing candle and it's been moving straight up ever since. It's now running into both gap and price resistance, however, so it needs a catalyst. Will earnings be the catalyst?

The short-term technical picture is improving, but the long-term remains very cloudy. United Parcel Service (UPS) has been the much better option in this space, closing last week near its 52 week high. I believe tomorrow's earnings report holds the key. If FDX can beat both its revenue and EPS estimates and it receives a positive reaction from Wall Street, then the worst is likely behind it. Relative strength is telling us that things are improving at FDX, but to still be careful.

I prefer UPS over FDX until the latter can prove otherwise through fundamental and technical improvement.


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