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Major Breakouts Are Continuing In A Big Way

Tom Bowley

Tom Bowley

Chief Market Strategist,

Months of consolidation is now resulting in key breakouts for a number of growth stocks. (AMZN), which will report quarterly results later today, was a high-profile breakout after nearly a year of consolidation. But that's simply set the beginning of a trend. Here are two more that are clearing major price resistance after delivering much-better-than-expected quarterly results:


Here were the reported numbers for AMD:

  • Revenues: $3.85 billion (actual) vs. $3.62 billion (estimate)
  • EPS: $.63 (actual) vs. $.54 (estimate)

The result?

This looks like a game-changer technically. Though not shown above, AMD is quickly accelerating vs. its semiconductor peers as well. Future 20-day EMA tests would be excellent entry opportunities.


Here were the reported numbers for ALGN:

  • Revenues: $1.01 billion (actual) vs. $0.94 billion (estimate)
  • EPS: $3.04 (actual) vs. $2.52 (estimate)

The result?

ALGN still has a bit of work left to do as it has yet to confirm a closing breakout. In other words, an afternoon reversal and failure to close above prior candle body highs would suggest more short-term choppiness before the actual breakout. However, if ALGN maintains its current price, or strengthens further into the close, then I'd view this as a major breakout and consider the rising 20-day EMA as an entry opportunity in the future.

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