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November 18, 2017

Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Welcome to the latest edition of ChartWatchers, the newsletter for technical analysts, online investors, StockCharts users and more. In addition to this week's articles, don't forget to check out the Site News section (below) for some important announcements and updates about what's going on around StockCharts this month!

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Site News

NEW! ChartList Panels For The Members Dashboard!

Earlier this week, our Members Dashboard got yet another powerful upgrade: customizable ChartList Panels! This exciting new feature allows you to see a quick summary of any two saved ChartLists, right from the Dashboard. For example, you can view a summary of your portfolio in one panel, and a summary of your stocks watchlist in the other. By making it easier to monitor the stocks or funds that you're watching most closely (without having to click into separate lists), the ChartList Panels feature saves you time AND helps you stay on top of important moves in the market!

To try this new feature, log in to your StockCharts account and click the "Members" tab at the top of any page. Look for the gears icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard, and give that button a click. The Dashboard Preferences window will pop up, allowing you to customize the features of your Dashboard. Select the "ChartList Panels" option, then hit "Update".

You'll now see a new row appear on your Dashboard with two ChartList Panels. Choose the ChartLists you want to see in each panel using the small gears icon in the top right corner of each ChartList Panel. Once chosen, your selections will be automatically saved in your browser, and your settings will be maintained each time you return to the Dashboard.

By constantly improving features such as our Members Dashboard, custom Technical Alerts or our Advanced Scan Engine, our goal is always to help you make smarter investing decisions. If you're not already a StockCharts Member, now is the perfect time to start your free trial. Remember, we reserve our most powerful features for our members, so get started today with a FREE 1-month trial. You'll unlock all of our best tools and features, plus members-only market commentary and more!

Cyber Monday Is Coming – 11/27

Cyber Monday is almost here! Mark your calendars now and be sure to visit StockCharts on Monday, November 27th. We've got BIG savings in store for you... Stay tuned for more details in the coming week!

This Week's Articles

The Market Message

High Yield Bond ETF is Bouncing Sharply Off Support, Telecom Weakest Sector

Article Image The recent selloff in high yield junk bonds has attracted a lot of attention in the financial media. My Tuesday message showed the iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond iShares (HYG) headed down for a test of chart support at its August low and its 200-day moving average. Chart 1 shows the HYG scoring an upside reversal day yesterday after touching its 200-day average (green circle). That positive...
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Art's Charts

What Does a Flat Yield Curve Look Like Anyway?

Article Image I hear talk that the yield curve is flattening and that this is a problem for the stock market. While it is true that the spread between the 10-yr T-Yield ($UST10Y) and 2-yr T-Yield ($UST2Y) is the lowest since 2007, the yield curve itself is by no means flat. The chart below shows the 10-yr yield in black and the 2-yr yield in red (top window). Notice that the 10-yr yield has...
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The Canadian Technician

Currencies Are At An Important Inflection Point

Article Image The Yen ($XJY), the Euro ($XEU) and the US Dollar ($USD) are all at important inflection points this week. Stay tuned as this could really decide the direction of Gold, Silver and other commodities this week. Starting with the Yen, this is a critical one to watch, Gold tracks it quite closely. With this close tracking, a break to the upside in the Yen could lead to a big
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Trading Places

Here Are Five S&P 500 Stocks Poised To Rise Through December

Article Image I'm a big historian and a fan of the "history repeats itself" theory. But I'm a bigger fan of technical analysis where price action simply doesn't lie. You can listen to all the CNBC "hype" if you'd like, where their "experts" provide their favorite picks. I look at the charts of some of these "can't-miss" trades, shake my head and change the channel. Call me crazy, but I like...
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InvestEd Central

Focusing on Solid Earnings can Boost your Risk Adjusted Returns

Article Image One by-product of focusing on stocks that beat earnings handily is the opportunity to boost overall returns. I know this for a fact as we studied the performance of almost 40 stocks that were trade alerts to EarningsBeats members over the past six months and found that on a risk adjusted basis, returns were almost 5 times that of the S&P. For example, when we issue a trade alert to our...
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Bookstore Special


Sentiment Is Almost Bearish Enough

Article Image Sentiment charts haven't been all that enlightening with mostly neutral readings. However, we are reaching bearish levels that generally result in a rally. Here's my interpretation of the latest sentiment from the put/call ratios, AAII, NAAIM and Rydex Ratio. What I pointed out in today's MarketWatchers LIVE show was that the CBOE put/call...
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The Traders Journal

Buffett-isms and Bezos-isms: Great Investing Insights

Article Image "Rule #1: Never lose Money." "Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1." -Warren Buffett Sure, a lot of investors dissect every word that Warren Buffett writes in the annual report for Berkshire Hathaway. For years, these Buffett-isms have provided investors...
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