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June 2, 2018

Yesterday Was An Important Day.

I want to let you in on a little secret - we just passed the first major deadline for our ChartCon speakers. I asked everyone to send me their final (like, really final) presentation titles by yesterday afternoon. With all of our presenters accounted for, I updated the agenda and posted it on our ChartCon page. Take a look now (and be sure to also watch our new ChartCon info video).

I have to admit, as we get closer to the conference and things really start to take shape, it's always tough for me. Seeing our visions turn to realities makes me even more eager to get started. I'm losing sleep over here people, I'm dying for August 10th to roll around!

As hard as it is to contain my excitement, I promise you it's for good reason. A few of our speakers have already sent us their presentations, giving me a sneak peek into what they'll be talking about at ChartCon. I've been blown away and all I'm looking at are the dang PowerPoint slides. Particularly given this year's theme, "Reducing Risk in Uncharted Waters", the content they have in store for you isn't just powerful - it's timely. This is knowledge you'll be able to put to work immediately.

Next week, we'll be just two short months away from day 1 of ChartCon 2018. Here's the important part though: you don't have to deal with the hassle and time commitment of attending the conference in person. Since we're streaming the whole thing live online, you can join us from any device, anywhere in the world. There's no need to travel and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get here. Convenient AND affordable. Now that's my kind of conference!

So, what do you get when you sign up for ChartCon? Well, your registration includes live-streamed access to all 15 featured speaker presentations on both days of the conference - Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th. But on top of that, you'll also receive full video recordings of the event in an archived format, allowing you to re-watch each presentation on demand after the conference ends.

Even if you can't make it on the weekend of August 10th, I encourage you to register anyways. With access to the video recordings, you'll be able to go back and watch all the footage weeks, months or even years down the road, all on your own schedule. It'll almost be like you were there the whole time.

Now, I don't want to toot our own horn, but Chip and I have brought together an extraordinary lineup of industry-leading technical analysts, financial professionals, authors and passionate educators. We're excited to share this incredible event with you and can't wait to see you there!

Register now for ChartCon 2018

Until next time,

Grayson Roze

Grayson Roze

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The Market Message

Strong Jobs Report Boosts Stocks, While S&P 500 Nears May High

by John Murphy

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Editors Note: This article was originally published in John Murphy's Market Message on Friday, June 1st at 1:19pm EST. A stronger than expected jobs report for May is giving a boost to stocks today. So is the fact that European stocks are rising (as well as Italy's bond and stock markets). In addition, yesterday's stock selling in response to new tariffs was

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Art's Charts

S&P 500 Gets Third Bullish Breadth Thrust

by Arthur Hill

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There were eight breadth thrusts in the month of May and seven of these were bullish (>70%). In particular, there were three bullish breadth thrusts last week. These strong readings show broad participation and give the bulls the edge going forward. Chartists can measure daily breadth by using the AD Percent indicators for the S&P 500, S&P Mid-Cap 400 and S&P Small-Cap 600. AD...

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The Canadian Technician

Online Gaming Is Dealing Winning Hands

by Greg Schnell

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Three stocks in the online gaming arena are particularly interesting. With the changing regulations these three stocks are making big moves. You'll have to find your entry but they should be on watch lists. The Stars Group is listed in the USA and Canada. Boyd Gaming Group Canadian listed Great Canadian Gaming. This area of the market is in full speed ahead mode. Try to figure out a...

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Trading Places

The Stock Market Will Go Much Higher And Its Strength Will Be Shocking

by Tom Bowley

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While many market pundits seemed to grow very concerned about the 10 year treasury yield ($TNX) rising to 7 year highs at its recent 3.11% peak, I only grow nervous when the TNX falls. Why? Well, rising rates are typically a precursor to economic strength. The S&P 500 ($SPX) has a strong positive correlation with the direction of the TNX. It might go against...

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InvestEd Central

Why We Emphasize Honoring Stops - A MUST Read

by John Hopkins

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At EarningsBeats we issue long/short trade alerts on companies that beat/miss earnings expectations. When we issue a trade alert we include entry price, target price and stop loss. Stop losses are based upon key technical or price support, so they matter. We continuously emphasize the importance of honoring stops if they come into play. Why? Because ignoring a stop can become extremely painful...

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Bookstore Special

The Traders Journal

How to Produce a 250% Run-Up

by Gatis Roze

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In his Market Wizard books, Jack Schwager proved to investors that they could indeed significantly improve their own investing skill set by mimicking Wall Street's greatest money managers. In this blog, I'll show you how investing greatness can and should be built upon a similar parallel paradigm used by one of our true industry titans - Alan Mulally, former President and CEO of Ford. Mr...

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Bonds (TLT) IT BUY Signal Arrives Too Late to the Party

by Erin Swenlin

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Bonds enjoyed quite a rally over the past two weeks which isn't a surprise given Bond Yields took a nose-dive. The daily chart of the $TYX shows how yields crashed. However, they are now bouncing off strong support at 2.95%. They may not be able to avoid the IT Trend Model Neutral signal that is setting up, but like the new IT Trend Model BUY signal on TLT-- it's arriving too late. The PMO is...

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