DATA FEED UPDATE - We're continuing to prepare for our upcoming data feed transition which we mentioned several editions ago. At this point, the new hardware is in place and working well and our testing is almost complete. We are working on getting the final paperwork in place from the various exchanges and expect to switch over to the new "ThomsonOne" feed before the end of August. Our goal and our expectation is that you will not notice any difference between the feeds and we're working hard to make that happen. Still, data feeds can be wily beasts and so we ask your understanding if any unforeseen hiccups happen. Rest assured that we'll be working hard behind the scenes to correct things ASAP.

SURVEY SEASON - It's almost that time of year again - time for our end-user survey where you get a chance to tell us how we can do things better. Keep an eye out for a survey in your mailbox (or, heaven forbid, your spam folder) in the next couple of weeks. Can't wait? Feel free to send Chip an email ( with any feedback you have (both good and bad). Did you let your membership lapse recently for some reason? Chip would love to hear why.

DON'T FORGET THE BOOKSTORE! - We've added almost 100 new and exciting books on financial analysis to our online bookstore in recent weeks. Be sure to check out our newest offerings by clicking on the "New Additions" link on the left side of the bookstore pages. Or, justclick here.

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