Wow.  This past week has been a very hectic one here at  Four - count 'em - four H-U-G-E changes have happened in addition to our 10-year Anniversary Sale is drawing to a close.  I posted about most of this stuff in my blog, but I wanted to review it again here to make sure everyone was aware of what's been happening.

Last Chance for our 10th Anniversary Special Pricing!

All through the month of April we've been running a special to celebrate our 10th year of providing great Internet financial charts.  Right now, if you subscribe (or renew) for a year, you'll get 2 free months of additional service.  If you subscribe for 6 months, you'll get 1 free month of additional service. 

If you are already a member but your account doesn't expire for several more months you can still take advantage of this offer!  Just place a renewal order now and we'll simply add the additional time on to the end of your account.  You'll never see a better pricing deal from us so renew now and save

US Stock Data Now Coming from IDC/Comstock

After numerous issues with our old datafeed, we've hit a major milestone in our efforts to improve the reliability and accuracy of our website.  Data for all US stocks now comes from our new IDC/Comstock datafeed.  This should greatly enhance the stability of our website.  We are working to get Indexes and Canadian date from the new feed also but that will take some time.

This is a perfect example of a change that take us a ton of work and effort but doesn't result in something that's very visible to you.  There's also no guarantee that the new feed will work better than the old one - although we fully expect that it will.  Hopefully you understand that there is a TON of behind-the-scenes work like this that we do to ensure that the charts continue to flow.

New Support Area Debuts

Our new Support area is now live on the site and standing by to help you whenever you need it.  You'll find improved articles, documentation and FAQs in our searchable KnowledgeBase as well as a new form for sending us your questions.  The tools we use to answer your questions have also improved.  Hopefully, you'll never need them, but it's nice to know they are there if/when you do.

To see the changes or send us a question, just click on the "Support" tab at the top of any page.

ChartSchool Gets a Design Facelift,  Rest of the Site Will Get One Soon

It started with the Blog area, then it spread to the Market Message.  Now it has spread to the Support area and ChartSchool.  Will it ever be stopped?!?!?!?

I'm talking about the new design we have - cleaner with our new logo and simplified navigation links.  Click on the "ChartSchool" tab to see it.

And the answer is "No - It won't stop.  Soon it will take over the entire site."  Unfortunately, it will take us some time to get everything converted so please be patient.  For awhile, the site will have a "Split Personaility" as some pages have the old design and some have the new.  Hopefully, it won't last too long.  Look for the Home page and the Free Charts area to change soon.

Arthur Hill Officially Joins the Staff as Senior Technical Analyst

After years of contributing content and commentary independently to, Arthur Hill has decided to join us on a full-time basis.   In addition to contributing insightful commentary in our Market Message area, Arthur will contribute to our free blogs and our ChartSchool area.  We also hope to start posting more of Arthur's videos on the site soon.  Welcome aboard Arthur!

Phew.  That's enough for one week don't 'cha think?

Chip Anderson
About the author: is the founder and president of He founded the company after working as a Windows developer and corporate consultant at Microsoft from 1987 to 1997. Since 1999, Chip has guided the growth and development of into a trusted financial enterprise and highly-valued resource in the industry. In this blog, Chip shares his tips and tricks on how to maximize the tools and resources available at, and provides updates about new features or additions to the site. Learn More
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