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Hello Fellow ChartWatchers!

Today we started our Spring Special for 2013.  As long-time ChartWatchers know, it is important to take advantage of our specials when we hold them in order to minimize your charting costs.  That is true regardless of whether or not your account is about to expire.  I hate hearing from people that miss out on our specials because they didn't think that they could participate.

The deal is simple - while the special is running, all of our long-term subscriptions include an additional month of service beyond what they normally provide:  7 months for the price of 6, 14 months for the price of 12, or 29 months for the price of 24.  This reduces the "effective rate" for our subscriptions to the lowest levels we offer.  Here's our complete pricing matix with all the rates.

So, should you subscribe/renew right now?  To help with that question, I've prepared a little "decision tree" below that will help you regardless of your current situation.  Let's get started:

Q1.) Are you a current StockCharts member?

No?   Well you are in luck!  Now is the perfect time to subscribe for 6 or 12 months.  If you sign up for 6 months, you'll get 1 additional month for free (usually you don't get anything for a 6-month signup).  If you subscribe for a year, you'll get 2 additional months of service for free (usually you only get 1). And remember that all new subscriptions come with a free 10-day trial period - cancel within the first 10 days and we won't charge you a penny. To see all the benefits of subscribing and to take advantage of our Spring Special, click here

Q2.) Do you have less than 200 days remaining on your current subscription?

(Click on the "Members" tab to see your number of remaining days.)

Yes?  You should consider placing a long-term renewal order now if possible because your account will expire before our December special starts.  If you renew now, we'll give you the special deal and just add the additional time you renew for to the end of your current subscription.  Click here to see your renewal options

(Be sure to use your loyalty coupon when you renew too!)

Q3.) Do you have between 200 and 360 days remaining on your current subscription?

Yes? I'd still consider renewing now to lock in our special rates.  That way, if you miss the December special for some reason (vacation?), your charts, scans and settings will still be protected.  Click here to see your renewal options

Q4.) Do you have more that 360 days remaining?

Yes? Then you can consider skipping this special.  We will probably hold at least two other specials before your account expires.

Now, how long should you signup/renew for?  First, remember that in order to take advantage of our special, you need to signup for at least 6 months of service.  Anything less than that doesn't qualify for the extra months.

Second, note that the longer you signup for, the more you save.  For example, if you paid for 1 year of our Extra service on a month-by-month basis, it would cost you $24.95/mo x 12 months = $299.40.  However, if you bought our pre-paid 1-year Extra package, you'd only pay $249.95 and you'd get 2 additional months of service for free.  That works out to $99.35 less than the month-to-month cost for that same 14-month time period.

Lastly, if you have been a member already for more than one year, you have a loyalty discount coupon code waiting for you that you can use to further reduce the cost of your order.  That coupon is percentage based, meaning that the larger your order, the bigger your discount.

Here are some other questions you might have about our special:

  • Does it matter which service I use?
    Not in terms of how the special works.  Of course each service have different abilities.  Click here and scroll down to see a comparison for each of our service plans.
  • Can I use the special to upgrade my account?
    Not exactly.  The cost of upgrading an account isn't affected by our special however, after you have upgraded, you have the option of renewing your account for more time in which case our special pricing would apply.
  • I forgot to use my loyalty code with my order. Can you add it?
    We hate this question.  Please do not be "this guy."  Make sure to include your loyalty coupon in your order.  Adding it later is often not possible.
  •  When does the special end?
    Our specials usually end at the end of the month but please don't wait until the last second.  All kinds of things could happen between now and then.  People who play timing games with our specials are often disappointed. 

Sorry to be so salesman-like this time around, but I want to eliminate the complaints that we get after our specials are over from people that didn't understand how important they are.  But you are smarter than that, right?  ;-)

- Chip


P.S.  Because we still have a couple of spots left in our live Seattle SCU seminar on June 7th and 8th, I'm leaving our special "early-bird" pricing in effect until Monday.  Save up to $100 if you register before then.  And remember, three free months of service are included with each registration!  If you are not getting the most out of all the tools and information on our website, come to an SCU Seminar and learn directly from the people that created the website (hey, that's me!).  Click here for more details.

Chip Anderson
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